Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry is furious because someone is 'catfishing' singles by pretending to be her on dating site

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry is furious because someone is "catfishing" singles by pretending to be her on a dating site.

Vee Rivera revealed someone used her email to sign up for a dating site, which had Kailyn screaming her head off.

On Wednesday's episode of Baby Mama No Drama podcast, as Vee and Kailyn were reading a fan story about how she and her friend were swiping on a dating app, both women revealed two different people had impersonated them to sign up for dating apps.

As they read, Vee quickly interrupted the story and said: "Wait, hold on, before I even read this story — I'm so sorry, I had to tell you, someone's used my email and my name to sign up this weekend!"

This made the Teen Mom 2 star begin screaming as she agreed, saying: "Me too! I had 500 f**king messages, f**king emails, on Plenty of F**king Fish. F**k you. Do you hear me? F**k off! F**k off!"

Vee laughed off Kailyn's rage and continued her story: "I was at the beach and I got this email. And I don't even know the website, it's called One Wish, and I was like 'Motherf**ker trying to get me killed!'"

Kailyn agreed and said: "Mine was Plenty of Fish and I had 900 f**king emails or 500 f**king emails … motherf**kers."

Vee continued: "I was like 'I have to tell Kail this' because I was on the phone for like half an hour just to get my s**t taken down because God forbid someone sees this and goes and tell Joe – like you f**ked up, I will f**king kill you."

Kailyn added: "That could ruin a marriage."

The mother of four then claimed she didn't have an account with Plenty of Fish and reported the account continuously until it was taken down.

She also wondered the purpose of someone using her name on the site, saying: "I don't know if it was a jab at me or someone using me as a catfish, but if it was someone using us as a catfish, they wouldn't want the emails to go to us.

"They would want the emails to go to them while using our pictures, so it was truly a jab at us. But for what? Other than clogging my email, I don't give a f**k."

Most recently, Kailyn opened up about suffering a mental breakdown before she got off her PCOS medication.

She shared that she took herself off of it because she was having major stomach issues that were disrupting her everyday live.

Warning listeners, Kailyn started off her explanation by telling them: “TMI, if you guys don’t want to listen to poop you don’t want to listen to this part.”

She then admitted: “I literally couldn’t go anywhere without needing a bathroom at all times. 

“It’s an hour drive from where I live to where Lux stays with his dad, and I would pull over two to three times in the hour because I have to go to the bathroom. I can’t live like that.”

While the TV personality thinks she’d be able to handle it if she worked an office job, she said it didn’t fit into her lifestyle of running all around for different gigs and for going all around with her kids.

She’s been off of the medication, which is called metformin, for a few weeks now and has decided to ask her doctor about trying the extended release version, which she hopes will not have the same side effects.

Kailyn said she’s really frustrated by it all, adding: “Part of it is because I think I expected it to be so much easier to do less carbs when I was on metformin because it doesn’t really mix well with carbs, but that being said, I didn’t realize that everything is essentially a carb, and I need to figure out what my carb tolerance is.

“That’s what I was struggling with. So, that was a struggle a little bit.”

Continuing wanting to be honest and open with her listeners about her health journey, the Teen Mom notable said she often has “super heavy periods” but in April she didn’t have one at all.

When she woke up with her period in May, after having missed a month, it only added to her feelings of “not understanding any of” PCOS and what she’s dealing with.

Kailyn said she’s been feeling “very unmotivated, very discouraged,” and she recently had a “mental breakdown.”

Cleaning out her garage was how she decided to deal with her emotions, which she explained is often how she deals with feeling like she’s not in control.

She explained: “I think part of it was my period coming and not knowing because I hadn’t had it for a month, so I didn’t know when it was coming, and I guess I just – hormones,” she said of her breakdown. 

“And I was just overwhelmed. I needed something out of my garage, but I have so many boxes in my garage and clutter makes me crazy. 

“I literally can’t handle clutter, it makes me feel out of control. And then also, if I feel out of control in something in my real life, I clean everything off my counters. 

“It’s this weird compulsive thing that I do.”

Kailyn, who already has four sons – Isaac, 11, Lincoln, seven, Lux, three, and eight-month-old Creed – is also focused on planning for her future and the possibility of having more kids.

The reality star went on to explain more about her difficulties with PCOS, though she said she didn't experience complications with infertility as some women do.

"After my sono next week I'll be curious to know if my heavy bleeding is related to PCOS or if it's related to something else.

"I'll be curious to know what stuff I find out next week and how I'll respond to ovulation meds," she closed.

The TV personality previously told Us Weekly: “I don’t have any intentions any time soon to have more children, but I’m going through IVF and egg retrievals so that I can potentially have the chance in the future, if that’s what I want."

On her podcast last month, Kailyn said she's really only freezing her kids in case she ends up with a partner who really wants "children of their own."

Kailyn has had issues with co-parenting with her three baby daddies and previously shared that she "doesn't receive child support at all" from any of them.

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