Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee slammed as 'unsanitary' and 'disgusting' after star gets tattoo honoring late mom in a GARAGE

TEEN Mom Mackenzie McKee was slammed as "unsanitary" and "disgusting'" after the star got a tattoo honoring late mom in a GARAGE.

The star got the tattoo about two weeks ago with her siblings but she's now revealing further detail.

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Mackenzie, 26, shared the details about her special trip to Oklahoma a few weeks ago where she got her ribcage tattooed in honor of her mom who passed away from cancer in 2019.

In the main Instagram picture, a tattoo artist worked on her side and her sister held her hand while she could be seen screaming in pain.

She also shared the moment when she held her sister's hand as she got some work done too, a group picture of all the siblings with their tattoos, her holding her newborn niece and a video of the siblings working out in the garage.

Along with the pictures, she wrote: "Took a spontaneous trip to Oklahoma to celebrate my moms birthday.

"We all got special tattoos in her handwriting, I got to meet my niece, and we got a good family workout in along with some #bodybymac photos by the one and only @whitterbug12 .

"I am so blessed in life y‚Äôall. I‚Äôve ironically become more close with my best friend¬†@caylapaige¬†and my family since moving…. ok now it‚Äôs time to go check out this whole blog on my YouTube channel 'life with Mackenzie' and help me reach 100k subscribers.

"And thank you @silver_perez13 for the awesome Ink. He is honestly the best. Everyone in these photos were tested 2x before we got together and each home was professionally sanitized."

Despite the sweet sentiment behind the tattoos and the alleged clean conditions, Teen Mom OG fans couldn't help but notice that she was still getting a tattoo in a garage.

One Redditor wrote: "Extremely unsanitary and disgusting. Holy s**t."

A second one commented: "Oh my god. This is so unsanitary and with her being diabetic, yikes. This is an infection waiting to happen."

A third person shared: "No reputable tattoo artist does this because you can't maintain a sanitary environment / don't have access to disinfecting tools like an autoclave."

And a fourth one commented: "Definitely unsanitary."

Two weeks ago, Mackenzie first revealed the news that she had gotten a tattoo in her mom's handwriting along with the rest of her siblings.

The mom of three opted for "Phil 4:13" and a cross on her ribcage, while Zeke got "You are my sonshine" on his arm.

Cayla and Kaylee had Angie's trademark phrase "Always be kind" inked on their wrists and Whitney got "a runner that I think looks like mom" inscribed on her ankle with the words "I'll see you later."

"They are all in Mom's handwriting," Whitney explained, while sharing a snap of their designs on Instagram.

Angie died of brain cancer in December 2019, almost two years after she was diagnosed with the disease.

Mackenzie Рwho has three kids with her husband Josh Рgot "Always be kind" tattooed onto her wrist in February 2018, soon after Angie got the cancer diagnosis.

The MTV star wrote at the time: "This is my mom's message to the world. It’s what she lives by. She wrote this on a paper and we took it to a tattoo artist.

"Remind you not one of us had a tat yet, and got her writing on our arm. Such a lovely reminder to look at everyday. #alwaysbekind."

Angie was diagnosed with brain cancer in January 2018 and just a few months later, the disease had spread to her lungs and bones.

She began chemotherapy in June of that year and seemed to be doing better, but the cancer returned.

She stopped chemo in August 2019 and revealed she had 10 tumors in her brain and other "tiny" tumors in her lungs. Angie died four months later.

Earlier this month, Mackenzie marked what would have been Angie's birthday and explained that she's "learning to remain strong."

The Teen Mom star wrote: "You are missed every second of everyday momma. Jaxie and I love to sit on the beach (your favorite place) and wear your hats that still smell like the frankincense oil you loved.

"I’m slowly learning how to remain strong like you taught me. I’ll see you again one day @angiedouthit."

Back in January, she told In Touch Weekly of grieving her mom: "I literally was so low in life that I needed a change.

"There was no getting lower, it was so bad, so dark, that I couldn’t physically and mentally even get out of bed most days.

"And then I realized like I will lose everything I have, I will lose my children, my business, my friends, obviously my marriage.

"I had to take a step forward and put my best foot forward and walk and get off the medication and stop numbing myself and just do something. And I had to make a drastic change."

Mackenzie moved to Florida with her three kids – Gannon, Jaxie and Broncs – and Josh joined them later.

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