Teen Mom star David Eason's daughter Maryssa, 13, sparks concern by posting about feeling 'bruised and broken'

TEEN Mom star David Eason's daughter Maryssa sparked concern in fans on social media.

The 13-year-old posted she felt 'bruised and broken.'

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The TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 reddit account shared a since-deleted from Maryssa saying: "I stopped venting and started praying cause I don't need sympathy.

"I need strength- bruised but not broken."

Followers commented: "Jesus. The kid begged to not be sent back to the swamp and she is still forced to live in a swampy hell. I hope she gets out soon and takes all the kids and animals with her."

Another added: "This is sad. Poor girl :/"

A third Redditor chimed in: "Poor Maryssa. I can’t even imagine what things are like for her."

Other followers weighed in: "Omg this is so heartbreaking."

One Redditor shared: "Poor girl. She got dealt a very shit hand in life, I hope she can escape safely and as soon as possible. The courts failed her and the others."

Another wrote: "Well fuck that’s dark, poor kid."

Earlier this month, David praised Maryssa as "beautiful and smart" on TikTok as she graduated from middle school.

On Friday, the former MTV star shared a video of Maryssa, 13, walking among her peers as she donned a cap and gown.

The clip next cut to Maryssa walking across the stage to accept her diploma.

Maryssa then appeared next to her father, as he asked: "Are you happy?"

After she shrugged, Jenelle's husband asked if she wanted "to stay here."

The teen nodded, while David, 32, replied: "Aww that's sweet."

Jenelle, 29, and David tied the knot in 2017, and the couple shares four-year-old daughter Ensley.

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