Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood reveals she once ‘prayed’ for late father’s death after his put-downs and alcohol struggles – The Sun

TEEN Mom OG star Amber Portwood broke down during a therapy session on this week’s episode, as she admitted she “prayed” for her late father’s death growing up because of his alcohol struggles.

On TMOG, Amber, 30, attended a therapy session with her Belgian boyfriend, Dimitri Garcia, in the waiting room.

Amber told her therapist how she was “ecstatic” when Dimitri passed a lie detector test, but she started “crying” when she got home.

She explained: "I was really scared because now that means moving to the next step of the relationship. I didn't really grow up around a lot of love.”

“When all you knew until the age of 14 was, 'You're a b***h, you're this, you're that.' It messes with your head a little.”

When her therapist mentioned how growing up with an alcoholic father has affected her adult relationships, she responded: "It has everything to do with it, honestly. At the end, with my father, I loved him to death, but in the beginning, I prayed for his death.”

Amber’s father passed away in December 2014 following liver surgery at age 50.

Earlier in the episode, Amber opened up about her mental health issues to Dimitri.

She explained: “I went to a website and translated what bipolar disorder type two was, what borderline was, what anxiety was, what ptsd was. He looked at me and said, ‘Now I understand more.’ He got it. I said you got to be gentle with me. It’s not always you. I have to be gentle with you too. I try to understand.”

The Sun exclusively broke in December that the MTV star began dating the father-of-two from Belgium after he reached out to her over social media.

He visited Indiana for three months.

Amber told The Sun earlier this month that the two are still together and are “doing really good” despite being separated because of the coronavirus quarantine.

She said: “One of the advantages Dimitri and I have is that we started our relationship long distance and we learned how to enjoy each other’s company virtually.

“Now we’re back to doing that again after getting the chance to spend a few months together in person. It’s been really great. It feels natural to us.”

Amber explained how while they’re taking their relationship “day by day,” she does see a future with her boyfriend.

She said: "Marriage and children, I take marriage very seriously. We are not talking about that in any way! However, I don’t know what the future holds. As a woman, I want to say that I hope this guy is actually a good guy and maybe something can come from it.

"It’s not like we get into relationships to break up. We want to get in relationships to see if something comes from it.”

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