The Apprentice Thomas Skinner says Lord Sugar loves a joke when cameras are off

The Apprentice star Thomas Skinner has revealed how he got into Lord Sugar's good books after becoming one of the only ever well-liked contestants.

Thomas shot to fame after appearing on series 15 of The Apprentice in 2019 and became well-known and loved for his bubbly persona.

TV boss Lord Sugar is notoriously difficult to please and is often brutal to his contestants, however, Thomas was able to strike up a bond with the business mogul.

Thomas got as far as the semi-finals despite never winning a task, having shown his ability to work hard and his authentic personality.

The TV star spoke about big boss Alan exclusively to the Daily Star during a chat with Carly in Convo host Carly Hacon, where he revealed his true thoughts about him during a Facebook Live interview.

BOSH Beds owner Thomas said: "Do you know what, I knew who Lord Sugar was, he's a geezer, isn't he? He's a billionaire, he's got a fantastic business, he's the man."

He went on to explain how being himself and giving him some typical banter was what helped him get on his good side.

Thomas stated: "I knew from watching The Apprentice in the past that he was a scary man but when I went in the boardroom, I went in and had a bit of banter with him but if he didn't like you he'd tell you."

He also recalled when Alan asked if he was a "doughnut" as in his profile Thomas described himself as "jammy".

Thomas explained: "He said 'are you a doughnut?' I said, 'yeah, because I'm jammy mate.'

"I've been a market trader since I was a little boy, thinking on my feet is what I've always done. I don't struggle with talking with people and having a laugh.

"But he can be scary but he's a good man and what he's done for me is phenomenal."

When speaking about when he got given the boot and was told "you're fired" by the TV icon, he said that he was devastated.

Thomas added: "I was gutted. You go on that show because you want to win it but I knew it was coming.

"Listen, everyone on my series had a proper business in place and had more education than what I had and I knew my time was up. I was on thin ice the whole way through. How I even got on The Apprentice I don't know, I blagged my whole way through life."

He continued: "I knew it was coming because I ballsed it up again. He actually said 'Tom, if I was going to war then I would choose to have you by my side, not anyone else, you. But you have lost every task, so you're fired…'"

He also added that Lord Sugar has since stayed in touch and has even become a customer of Thomas' booming bed business.

Thomas said: "Yes he is a customer and he is a friend of mine as well. I've got him on the 'ole Whatsapp and I send him a couple of jokes and that, he always replies, he's a legend!"

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