The Batman ‘LEAK’: Robert Pattinson wears ‘more than one’ Batsuit in DC film

The Batman (played by Robert Pattinson) is going to be going through quite a lot of fighting in his 2021 film. DC Comics gave the first details for the film at DC Fandome this past weekend, giving fans of the Dark Knight their first glimpse at Pattinson in the iconic Batsuit.

However there may be a lot more happening in the film than fans know.

A number of leaks have plagued the film already, as fans on Reddit have spoken out with some details about the film.

And the latest collection of leaks tell of Batman utilising a lot more equipment than has already been shown off.

In particular, it sounds like Batman is going to be donning more than one suit in the upcoming film, much to the thrill of fans.

Speaking out on Reddit about these new details, user, throwaway736491433 explained that fans will see a new suit akin to that seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

They said: “What I know from filming in the current cathedral set piece (we’re almost done here, filming is moving to Glasgow in less than a week) is that this suit gets destroyed very early on. I think it is due to a villain, but I couldn’t tell.”

They continued to say: “It’s Batman’s prototype suit and once it gets destroys, he makes a new one.

“I haven’t seen it in action but I saw a few pictures taken by someone who was putting it together.”

“It’s extremely similar to Spider-Man’s SHIELD suit from the ‘Far From Home’ movie last year,” they said. “The material is very similar, being a sort of tactical padded fabric material.

“There’s way less straps and extra details on the batsuit compared to the Spider-Man suit but the material and look is very similar.”

The fan even gave some detailed glimpses into the suit, by describing how it looked.

“It’s grey,” they began. “With full black gloves extending to his forearms and black boots.

“The symbol is no longer metal and lacking ears, it’s a more ‘classic’ version of the symbol on the first suit in the film. The cowl is made of a higher quality material than the leather of the first cowl. The ears are medium-to-long length and the mouth opening is much smaller.

“He no longer has the collar. (I think he might have the white eyes too).”

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The fan also detailed an iconic piece of the Batman suit from the comic books: The utility belt.

They went on: “The utility belt is a bronze-gold faded color, and it’s more pouch than the futuristic metal type belt of the Nolan films.”

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt as the “leak” cannot be verified.

Despite this, fans would certainly be excited to see Pattinson take on multiple Batsuits throughout the film.

Meanwhile, director Matt Reeves recently spoke out about the inclusion of Paul Dano in the film as the Riddler.

Speaking at DC Fandome, he said: “Paul Dano plays a version of the Riddler that no one has ever seen before.

“What he’s doing is, I think, going to blow people’s minds. It’s always about trying to square what you know with what is new.”

The Batman is due to be released October 1, 2021 in cinemas.

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