'The Bold and the Beautiful': Mannequin Hope May Be the Scariest Thing on Television Right Now and Fans Are Over It

Thomas Forrester is seeing things on The Bold and the Beautiful at the moment, including a mannequin that comes to life as Hope Logan! The Bold and the Beautiful hasn’t really drifted to any material as campy as this since the Shelia Carter days and fans are freaked out by the eerie red eyes on Mannequin Hope.

Thomas Forrester is the farthest from reality as he’s ever been

Right now, Thomas is going through a lot on The Bold and the Beautiful. He is obsessing over Hope, his former wife and the mother of his son. This is all happening despite the fact that Hope is with Liam Spencer Right now. Thomas is going through a phase where he believes he is interacting with Hope but is actually with a mannequin.

It isn’t all that “out there” for a soap opera to go this route, and one of the reasons The Bold and the Beautiful chose do it this way was because of production restrictions due to the coronavirus (COVID-19 pandemic.

“That was another reason we went down this path,” The Bold and the Beautiful head writer and executive producer Bradley Bell said in an interview. “We had to limit the amount of bodies [in scenes]. We’ve limited some scenes to just two people. I thought maybe we can do better than that. We can do one-person scenes if the other ‘character’ is inanimate.”

But why was Thomas the character chosen for this storyline? Bell explained that the character had been down this role before and Atkinson was a standout because of it. For the head writer, it only made sense to go down that route again.

He added, “Matt really did a brilliant job with that [the baby Beth storyline]. It just felt like a natural ‘Chapter 2’ to that story. It’s been wonderful to dig back into this man’s head and throw in a little [outlandish] twist. He felt like a natural conduit.”

Mannequin Hope has red eyes

Some fans seemed to either be annoyed but the storyline or the are quite scared and freaked out by it.

One fan questioned on the series’ official Instagram page, “Am I the only one that jumped out of their skin when they went to the ‘Hope’ manikin [sic] and all of a sudden its mouth was moving?”

Other folks are a bit more receptive to Thomas’ downward spiral, as it is very similar to a lot of outrageous plots in soap opera history. “This is classic,” wrote another viewer. “Ummm I think Thomas may need some in-depth-therapy and overall clinical care.”

Overall, people seem to be tired of the fact that Thomas is going down this road again.

A lot of fans are hoping that the character can even come back from all of this. “Thomas is playing this story like he has a brain tumor or something causing his delusions,” said one fan. “That makes it more believable that the character can recover from this creepy storyline.”

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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