The Chase celeb contestants branded 'an embarrassment' after losing £56k for charity in 'pitiful' final round

THE Chase celeb contestants have been labelled as 'an embarrassment' after a poor final round saw them lose £56,000.

The team of sports presenter Jacqui Oatley, radio DJ Dev Griffin, darts player Fallon Sherrock and comedian Johnny Vegas joined forces in a bid to win the ITV game show, but they fell at the last hurdle.

Chaser Mark 'The Beast' Labbett caught the team pretty easily as they only answered 14 correct questions between them in the closing round.

One fan took to twitter and wrote: "Well that was a pitiful performance by the celebrities. #TheChase.”

Another viewer added: "Have they ever put four thicker celebrities together? Embarrassing #thechase."

This user wrote: "Celebrity #TheChase was shocking! Wow 4 though to the final but did sooo bad!"

While this follower penned: "Watching the celebrities on #TheChase tonight is just embarrassing."

The celebs answered several questions incorrectly which included: “The disease rickets is caused by lack of what vitamin?”

After the celebs had had their round of questions, presenter Bradley Walsh said: “We need a lot of push backs. I’d say we’re at least five light. At least.”

Mark didn't have to work too hard to defeat the celebrities, as he successfully answered all his questions before the 60 seconds was up.

Last week The Chase viewers have called for Shaun Wallace to 'quit and retire' after three errors in a tense final round.

As a result of the quizzer's blunders, the team would go on to win £14,000.

Sean answered a question about Tellus incorrectly and one about what country Lask Football Club are from, as well as which member of the rock band Kiss has a famously long tongue.

Fans think the quizzer should called it quits as one tweeted: "Shaun lost again what a surprise #thechase," a tweet read, while another commented: "Shaun it’s time to go #TheChase."

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