The Chase contestant apologises after losing out on £56,000 ‘Can I go high?’

The Chase: Contestant apologises for not taking high offer

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The Chase contestants Emily and Farooq were the only two to play in the Final Chase against Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha, 50. However, before teaming up to take on the ITV quizmaster, Emily had to complete a head-to-head round with the general knowledge guru. After sailing through with £6,000, she did have to apologise to her teammate as she could have got them a jackpot which would have been a lot more.

As is routine after completing a cash-builder round, Bradley Walsh, 60, introduced the contestant to Paul.

The quizmaster then went on to offer the player a higher and lower amount of money which could have turned the game on its head.

On the higher end of the table, Emily had a chance to play for £56,000 whereas, on the other end of the spectrum, she could have culled her money by accepting minus £1,000.

Not sure about her chances, the contestant asked Farooq for advice on what she should do and he told her: “That was an excellent cash-builder.

“I think you’re way too good for that low offer. I think you could do the high offer but I don’t want to be here on my own.

“So take the six and come back,” he added, to which Emily agreed but she soon regretted her decision once she defeated Paul.

After seeing how well she was doing in the head-to-head round she asked the host: “Can I go high?” referring to the offers that were made.

Having passed through with flying colours, Bradley said: “Well played, Emily. That was a sensational performance,” before sending her back to join Farooq.

Taking her seat at the player’s table, Emily could be heard saying to her fellow player: “Sorry about the £56,000.”

Joking, the presenter replied for the contestant: “‘That’s alright’, he says. ‘What’s 56 grand amongst friends?’”

Sorry about the £56,000

Contestant Emily

Despite missing out on the £56,000 advance to their jackpot, the pair put their heads together for the first time to complete the Final Chase.

As two of them had managed to get to the concluding stage of the game, they were given a two-point head start.

They then went on to accumulate a further 11 points to bring their total up to 13 that Paul would have to match to defeat them.

Commenting on their efforts, The Sinnerman said he didn’t know “what had gone wrong” as he thought they could have done a lot better.

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Unfortunately, it wasn’t a hard target for the quizmaster to conquer as he beat them with plenty of time to spare.

With 43 seconds still on the clock and having only had one pushback opportunity, the contestants left empty-handed.

This result, however, allowed Paul to continue a record success as he had managed to win every game he’s played this year so far.

However, those watching at home still commented on the conclusion of Tuesday’s episode and took to Twitter to comment.

One viewer wrote on the social media platform: “Is it just me that thinks the questions are getting harder? #TheChase.”

Another posted: “I think Emily would have got more than 13 on her own. Would have got more questions in the time #thechase.”

Whilst a third commented: “Well done Emily you came but alas you didn’t conquer #thechase.”

“#TheChase Emily would’ve done better on her own,” a fourth shared with a fifth opining: “I think Emily would have potential to be a very good chaser! #thechase.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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