The Chase player stuns 'The Beast' Mark Labbett by changing tactics 'at speed' in 'record' game plan

THE Chase 'Beast' Mark Labbett was left stunned when a player changed her tactics on the quiz show and made it back for the final Chase.

Mark, 55, was bamboozled by Dolores when she switched up her advice to her fellow contestants during their cash builders and then scraped through to the final chase.

Dolores told maths teacher Paul to take the high offer, retired doorman Paul to take the low offer, and Arlene to take the middle offer.

Mark said to host Bradley Walsh: "Dolores set a show record there for the quickest change of advice ever."

Nursery nurse Dolores, who first appeared on The Chase with her fellow players in 2017, was last up to take on The Beast and she took the low £1,000 offer.

She made it through to the final chase with Arlene – but fans didn't think the two women had much of a chance up against the Beast and they were right.

One said: "The only chance these two have of beating The Beast is if he has a heart attack !"

Another tweeted: "The Beast only just made that win"

And one more wrote on Twitter: "11 & destroyed by the beast"

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