‘The Good Doctor’: Lea Has a Scare, Park Makes His Choice, and Two Boys Fight for Their Lives

The recent episode of The Good Doctor was a tearjerker. There was a shooting, a relationship ended, and two children fight for their lives. Here’s a rundown of what happened on The Good Doctor.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Good Doctor Season 4, Episode 15 (titled “Waiting”).

Two boys are shot during a protest

The Good Doctor Season 4, Episode 15 opens with a mother and her son, Ethan, driving to a protest. The mother explains to her son that they’re exercising their First Amendment rights by protesting. However, Ethan doesn’t see it that way. For him, the protest is making him late for a party with his friends.

A parent in a different car drives up to the protest with her son, Mason, at the same time. The mother tells him they will leave as soon as there’s any sign of trouble. Unfortunately, there is trouble, and they don’t leave in time. Both boys are hit by bullets during a shooting at the protest.

In another scene, Lea (Paige Spara) is in the hospital’s waiting room. She’s there for her pre-natal appointment. During a conversation with Shaun (Freddie Highmore) about her test for gestational diabetes, she sees an alarming news report about a shooting. Suddenly, Shaun is paged to the emergency department.    

Mason is rushed inside the department, and he’s bleeding severely. After that, Ethan arrives at the hospital. Both boys are in critical condition. While in the waiting room, Carina, the mother of Mason, goes over to Taryn, the mother of Ethan. Carina attempts to comfort Taryn and holds her hand. However, Taryn tells her to get away from her after she sees Carina’s bracelet, which identifies her as being on the opposing side of the protest.

Shaun discovers there is another bullet fragment in Ethan’s brain, and it looks like the boy might die. He has difficulty accepting this. This case is tough for him because he and Lea are going to be parents. Fortunately, both boys pull through their surgeries and they live.

Park makes his choice

During The Good Doctor Season 4, Episode 14 (titled “Gender Reveal”), Dr. Alex Park (Will Yun Lee) begins dating Heather, a pediatric resident. He does this after Morgan (Fiona Gubelmann) encourages him to date other people. She is afraid he will become too attached to her, so she starts pushing him away.

In the following episode, Park decides to break things off with Morgan so he can give Heather a chance. Morgan acts like she’s OK, but when he turns around to leave, it’s clear this crushes her.

Lea has a scare

Shaun and Lea walk out of the hospital and head home. They are both happy that the boys made it through their surgeries and will live. As Lea walks with Shaun, she says, “You know how I feel right now? Lucky.” Shaun says he also feels lucky, and then he takes her by the hands. Then things take a turn for the worse. Lea falls down and Shaun calls for help. There’s a problem with Lea and the baby.

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