The Grand Tour's Jeremy Clarkson drives past woman in shackles in new special

The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson came across a woman in shackles during their Amazon Prime Video special A Massive Hunt.

After months of waiting, the long-awaited new chapter arrived on the streaming service early, with Jeremy, James May and Richard Hammond heading to Madagascar for their latest adventure.

Not long into the episode, however, Jeremy drove past a woman walking through the streets in handcuffs.

‘Then we came across something that wasn’t so cheerful,’ James narrated, as the camera panned to the woman with her hands behind her back.

‘That woman is in the stocks,’ Jeremy observed, from the comfort of his modified Bentley Continental GT V8.

‘She’s actually got wooden handcuffs on.’

It’s a jam-packed special and elsewhere, Richard wrote off his modified Ford Focus RS.

The presenter quickly racked up a mountain of issues with his motor as he raced Jeremy and James, but it wasn’t until he was confronted with a rocky path when he was forced to give up.

‘Oh sh*t, my clutch has just gone,’ Richard announced as he realised the disaster. ‘I don’t have a clutch. My pedal is stuck down.

‘F*ck. I can’t mend a clutch. A clutch is a clutch and I haven’t got a spare one. It is finished. It’s dead.’

The Grand Tour presents: A Massive Hunt is now available on Amazon Prime Video

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