'The Last Jedi': Star Wars Fans Still Call This Scene 'Perfect'

Star Wars fans love being vocal about their favorite franchise, both online and offline. One film that drew plenty of fan reaction was The Last Jedi.

Premiering in 2017, the movie spurred a lot of conversations after it came out. While fans had plenty of opinions about the various components of the movie, there was one scene in particular many loved.

Let’s take a closer look at the movie itself and the one scene fans of it called “perfect.” 

The premise of ‘The Last Jedi’ challenged fans’ preconceptions about Star Wars

The Last Jedi picks up literally minutes after the events of The Force Awakens. The First Order continues to pursue the Resistance while Rey seeks out Luke Skywalker, the legendary Jedi Knight. When Rey finds him, she offers him his old lightsaber, which Luke quickly throws aside. Luke is dealing with the shame of turning Kylo Ren to the dark side, remaining in hiding. 

In many ways, the film mirrors Empire Strikes Back. Much like Luke training with Yoda, Rey trains with Luke, learning how to harness her Force powers. Before the end of the film, most of the main characters fail in one way or another, from Finn to Poe to Luke. But in the end, they all redeem themselves and come together to keep fighting the First Order for another day. Luke sacrifices himself to help the Resistance fighters escape the clutches of Kylo Ren. 

Why ‘The Last Jedi’ divided Star Wars fans

Some Star Wars fans felt The Last Jedi was groundbreaking. It included just enough Star Wars to feel like a Star Wars movie while at the same time introducing new features to the series. Others weren’t as happy. Some fans felt that the changes to the character of Luke were too radical. 

It’s hard to argue that the film wasn’t drastically different than any other film in the franchise, no matter what you thought of it. Last Jedi challenged Star Wars’ status quo so much that The Rise of Skywalker seemed like it attempted to course correct in many ways. After Kylo Ren almost gleefully points out that Rey is “nobody,” the next film promptly makes her a Palpatine. After years of being hailed as the greatest hero in the galaxy, Luke acts like a coward to start the film. 

The movie had its lovers and detractors, who barely agreed on anything about it. But there was one part of the film they could all get behind. 

‘The Last Jedi’ scene Star Wars fans call “perfect” 

While The Last Jedi was somewhat polarizing, there were certain elements of it most Star Wars fans seemed to enjoy. One of those parts of the movie fans of the classic films loved was the scene featuring the Force ghost of the aging Jedi Master Yoda. Yoda returns at a pivotal point in the film when Luke is questioning himself. He inspires his former Padawan, helping direct him down the right path. 

Star Wars fans on Reddit applauded the scene, with one fan calling it “perfect.” They complimented just about every aspect of how it was executed: 

“I honestly get a little emotional when that scene comes up, it’s so perfect from the dialogue to the music.” 

While Star Wars continues to find new ways to reinvent itself as a franchise, fans will always return for the nostalgia of it. It’s impossible not to associate Yoda with the original trilogy and seeing him appear one last time certainly gave plenty of Star Wars fans a thrill. It didn’t hurt that Yoda’s appearance was hardly a meaningless cameo. He played a critical role in Luke’s character development and helped drive the plot forward. 

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