'The Last Kingdom': Ruby Hartley (Stiorra) Just Took Some Photos With Phia Saban (Aelfwynn)

Season 5 of The Last Kingdom has finally concluded filming in Hungary, which means we’re one step closer to seeing the final season. It’s bittersweet news for many fans who don’t want the series to be over just yet.

Before filming concluded, Ruby Hartley, who plays Stiorra, shared some photos alongside Phia Saban, who plays Aelfwynn, in the new season. We have all the details to know.

Stiorra and Aelfwynn in ‘The Last Kingdom’

Fans will recall that Stiorra is the daughter of the main character, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon), and his late wife, Lady Gisela (Peri Baumeister). She goes off with Sigtryggr (Eysteinn Sigurðarson), a Dane who took Winchester, as one of the conditions for him leaving Winchester. At first a hostage, she goes willingly to Daneland with him.

Lady Aethelflaed (Millie Brady), who is the ruler of Mercia, has a daughter named Aelfwynn. According to The Last Kingdom’s IMDb page, Phia Saban will play the character of Aelfwynn in three episodes in season 5.

Ruby Hartley (Stiorra) just took some photos with Phia Saban (Aelfwynn)


On June 15, 2021, Ruby Hartley shared a couple of photos of herself and Phia Saban. The images were taken as screenshots while using Apple Photo Booth. The first one features Ruby and Phia looking at the screen with their hair long. Ruby has her mouth slightly open for the shot as they look rather serious.

Next, the two are photographed with a filter making their eyes extremely large. The very next photo features cartoon hearts above their heads as Phia has her chin down for the photo while looking at the screen. Ruby has her mouth slightly open again for the shot.

In the next image, Ruby has a hand leaning on her head with Phia by her side with serious faces. The final image is them again with the hearts around the heads as they both smile for the shot.

“Vanity? We don’t know her,” Ruby wrote in the caption. She tagged Phia in the post as well.

Emily Cox (Brida) shared a unique image with Mark Rowley (Finan)

Since production happened recently, fans have been treated to a number of images of their favorite actors together or on the set. On June 9, Emily Cox, who plays Brida, shared an image on Instagram alongside Mark Rowley, who plays Finan. In the black and white photo, she tagged Rowley’s account and the official account for the series. Both have on sunglasses and headphones in the image. Emily wears a zip-up jacket with her hair done as Brida. She makes a popular symbol with one of her hands, sometimes referred to as the rocker symbol. Mark does the same with one of his hands as well, and he is wearing armor with a hat on his head. Behind them a trailer can be seen.

Emily captioned the post on Instagram: “Finan and Brida in the house😎… Who can guess what music we‘re listening to?” She tagged Mark again and added a few hashtags: “#thelastkingdom #brida #finan.”

It’s always nice to see moments like these with our favorite actors. We’ll have to see what else they share before season 5 of The Last Kingdom premieres.

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