The Last Kingdom season 5: Will Finan’s backstory be told?

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The Last Kingdom season five is on its way for Netflix and the series follows the Dane Slayer, Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon). One of Uhtred’s most loyal followers is his friend Finan (Mark Rowley), who served as a slave alongside Uhtred in a previous season. Fans are hoping Finan’s backstory is told as he takes on a major role in the upcoming season five.

Will Finan’s backstory be told?

Finan is one of the main characters in The Last Kingdom, as well as The Saxon Stories on which the series is based.

The Irish warrior was on the same slave ship as Uhtred in season two and the pair developed a friendship, looking out for each other and motivating each other.

They came up with a plan to escape once the slave ship had landed in East Anglia, and Uhtred’s foster brother Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann) rescued them both.

Finan promised Uhtred he would remain by his side, and the pair have been loyal friends ever since.

Fans have fallen in love with Finan’s charismatic and witty character, and they are eager to see more of him in the upcoming season, feeling he is yet to receive the screen time he deserves.

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Alessia1255 said on Reddit: “He doesn’t have many lines yet he managed to become one of my favourite characters. There’s more to his story in the books yet to be covered by the show. Hopefully, the show will include it in future seasons.”

In the book by Bernard Cornwell, titled Warriors of the Storm, Finan reveals why he was exiled from his homeland in Ireland and was forced to become a slave.

He had been married to royalty as he and his younger brother Conall were both princes. However, Finan ended up developing feelings for his brother’s wife – a dairy maid.

They ended up having a secret relationship but were caught, and Finan was stripped of his title and is forced out.

Finan is also believed to have had children, who end up being raised by Conall once Finan was forced out.

At the end of the book, Finan challenged his brother to a fight, and Conall sent a champion to fight on his behalf.

As Finan was a highly skilled warrior, he was able to beat the champion and take his brother’s crown.

Fans hope his story is told in the next season, with DeBlannn saying: “Did we ever even get a backstory of Finan? I haven’t watched season 4 yet, but I feel like he just popped up as a slave and we never knew where he came from.

“Maybe there is more about him in the books? I do appreciate his character and his comedic relief though.”

SigurdsSilverSword replied: “His full backstory isn’t revealed until the ninth book, so in theory we should be getting some of it next season. For now all we know is that he is an Irishman who was sold into slavery.”

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Fans believe Finan serves as the comic relief amid what is often a tragic series with plenty of battles and personal losses.

They have argued as the story is purely about Uhtred’s mission to claim back his homeland and unite England as one country, Finan will remain a side character.

Actor Rowley, who plays Finan, said Finan and Uhtred had a brotherly bond and both characters are sensitive underneath.

Speaking to Netflix, he said: “Finan is Uhtred’s right hand man. They met on the slave ship and they went through absolute hell together and

he’s been beside Uhtred ever since.”

He suggested if anything were to happen to Uhtred, it would be Finan who would take over as leader, meaning fans could expect an exciting twist for Finan in season five.

Some viewers have called for a spin-off book or show, which would act as a prequel to The Last Kingdom, set in Ireland.

The prequel series would help tell Finan’s backstory in greater depth, and plenty of fans have supported the idea.

One fan said on Reddit: “Yes. That would be awesome. He has an enigmatic backstory, to be sure, (sorry) I’d so be up for that. Don’t see much ancient Ireland in the media, a history as rich as any others I can mention.”

Finan is definitely a fan-favourite character in the series, and there are plenty of appreciation groups dedicated to him.

With the upcoming season of The Last Kingdom drawing inspiration from books Warriors of the Storm and The Flame Bearer, Finan’s backstory is likely to feature in some form or another.

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