The Most OMG Facts We Learned About Brad Pitt & J.Lo From the 10 Things You Don’t Know Premiere

How much do you really know about your favorite celebrities?

Sure, you've got the basics down—perhaps their hometown, or if you're a big fan, maybe even their full dating history—but even the most dedicated of followers are sure to be surprised by everything in E!'s new show, 10 Things You Don't Know.

Each episode counts down the 10 most unique, unbelievable and surprising facts you don't know about a particular celebrity, from Lady Gaga to Will Smith

The series premiered last night with two back-to-back episodes, featuring—wait for it—Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez

We're recapping the most shocking reveals about the A-list actor and Bronx-born multi-hyphenate. For example, J.Lo's obsession with one of her fellow celebrities cost her millions!

Also, Pitt turned down a role in WHAT million-dollar franchise? 

Keep scrolling to find out and learn more surprising facts about the two!

1. Stripper Sisters

Lopez launched her acting career at just 17-years-old, and not too long after, became a recurring Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color. Then 1997 rolled around, when—as her fans are surely already aware—J.Lo scored the role of a lifetime (and her first leading one!): Selena Quintanilla in Selena.

Since then, Lopez has starred in a wide range of films, including the 2019 dramedy Hustlers. And to prepare for her role, Cardi B—who was a popular stripper in New York City before she launched her rap career—helped J.Lo learn to work the pole! The process was grueling," as Lopez described in one interview: "It was so hard and I would literally dread going…it was so painful learning it!"

But of course, she persevered. The actress was so dedicated to master the craft that she placed portable stripper poles in her homes in Miami, Los Angeles and New York.

If that weren't enough, Lopez also turned to her fiancé Alex Rodriguez for guidance! A.Rod, as she once explained, took her to real-life strip clubs so she could get the full experience.

Ultimately, Lopez described the entire process as "learning how to ride a bike when you're 40 years old!"

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2. Dancing Days

Oddly enough, 10 Things You Don't Know revealed that Pitt has has a stripper tale of his own!

In college, the Fight Club actor was a member of the Dancing Bares, a Chippendales-esque all-male frat-adjacent club. He and other University of Missouri students would apparently perform choreographed routines for girls on their 21st birthdays!

That's not it, though. When Pitt moved to Los Angeles to start his acting career, he made money as a chauffeur for strippers. The gig involved driving girls to parties, collected their money and even catching a stripper's clothes as they were thrown off the stage. 

3. Too Hot to Handle

J.Lo is too sexy for 49 of the 50 states! Her 2020 Superbowl half-time show—meaning this also applies to Shakira—was so steamy and controversial that it caused the Federal Communications Commission to receive 1,300 complaints from 49 states. The upset viewers apparently argued that the performance should've had an "R" rating. 

The one hold out? Vermont!

4. X-tra Hot

Once again, Lopez and Pitt have something in common! While J.Lo's Superbowl performance went off without a hitch, prompting people to complain afterward, the team working on the 1991 film Thelma and Louise took action before anyone could be outraged in a similar manner.

Pitt only appears in the iconic flick for around seven minutes, but he certainly made his time in the film memorable as he acted out a sex scene with Geena Davis' character. Often lauded as one of the steamiest movie moments ever, it turns out that the original scene was even hotter. 

How hot? The scene likely would've required an X rating. 

Bonus fact: George Clooney auditioned for Pitt's part five times.

5. Fixer Upper Friend

J.Lo's obsession with Joanna Gaines has cost her millions!

Yes, you read that right. Lopez is apparently a longtime fan of the former Fixer Upper star, who, along with her husband Chip Gaines, have launched an empire that consists of Magnolia Realty, Magnolia Market, Silos Baking Co., a line at Target and more.

The "Jenny From the Block" singer decided to follow in the Gaines' footsteps, and in 2019, purchased a $6.6M "fixer upper" in Malibu with Rodriguez. As a second anniversary present, A.Rod surprised Lopez with a FaceTime meeting with Joanna. 

The two must've hit it off, as they were later spotted outside the Malibu house together!

 6. The Award Goes To…

Pitt is no stranger to award shows, having earned a flurry of acting nominations and trophies over the years—including two Golden Globes and an Oscar—but not every honor he's received has been prestigious. 

Take the 1995 Golden Raspberry Awards for example. More commonly known as the Razzie Awards, this awards show highlights the worst the movie industry has to each year.

And guess who won Worst Screen Combo at the 15th annual Razzie Awards? Pitt and Tom Cruise for their performance in 1994's Interview with the Vampire

7. An (Almost) Missed Opportunity

J.Lo was the fourth choice to star in Maid in Manhattan, which was originally titled The Chambermaid. Prior to the name change, the lead actress role was first offered to Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Hilary Swank

But Lopez didn't just eventually get the part—the film's screenplay was rewritten to work for her!

8. Presidential Ties

Pitt is related to President Barack Obama! The two certainly aren't running into each other at family reunions, but there's still a strong blood connection: they're ninth cousins. 

Obama was asked about the relation to Pitt on The View in 2008, and he joked that the actor "got the better looking side of the gene pool."  

Oddly enough, Pitt's ex-wife Angelina Jolie is related to a similar politician: Hillary Clinton. The two are ninth cousins, twice removed!

9. A Technology Gamechanger

Everyone knows about that dress that Lopez wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards, but did you know that by wearing it, she changed technology forever? Yep, no big deal.

More specifically, Lopez's green jungle Versace dress inspired the creation of Google Images after becoming the most popular search query to date. Google president Eric Schmidt revealed as much in 2015, admitting that the gown made the company realize images was a necessary addition. 

Interestingly, Lopez wasn't even the first celebrity to wear the dress. Geri Halliwell, a.k.a. Ginger Spice, rocked the Versace number to the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes just one month before J.Lo attended the Grammys.

10. No to Neo

It's hard to imagine anyone but Keanu Reeves playing Neo in The Matrix, but Pitt was actually offered the role. He previously revealed that he was approached to star in the franchise's first film, but he turned the opportunity down. 

"I took the red pill," Pitt joked.

Speaking of Keanu, though, stay tuned for his episode of 10 Things You Don't Know!

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