'The O.C.': Will There Be a Reunion Soon? Rachel Bilson Says She's 'Open to It'

The O.C. premiered on FOX in August 2003. Now, almost 20 years later, fans are still waiting for a cast reunion to happen. Rachel Bilson recently made some comments about an O.C. reunion that has many fans curious.  

Are Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, and Ben McKenzie friends? 

Bilson, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, and Ben McKenzie played a group of \ tight-knit friends on the FOX drama. But after The O.C. ended in 2007, the cast seemed to lose that bond. 

Despite what some tabloids have published about them, there doesn’t seem to be any animosity among The O.C. cast. In 2019, Bilson and Brody ran into each other in the airport, further proving that point.

“Ran into my ol’ buddy from JFK to LAX #CaliforniaHereWeCome,” she captioned a photo on Instagram. As for the rest of The O.C. cast, not much is known about whether they’ve maintained their relationships. 

Two ‘O.C’ stars aren’t interested in a reunion 

Today, many fans have come to expect reboots and reunion specials. In 2019, Brody said he expected showrunners to use the famous Cohen property for a “reboot or even [a] remake.” But as for his involvement — he’s not interested. 

“All that said, I’m not gonna be [involved],” Brody told Yahoo. “I don’t have any interest in revisiting my high school character. And frankly speaking for Ben McKenzie, I know he doesn’t either.”

Adam Brody teased an ‘O.C.’ reunion dinner in 2020, but it never happened

The closest O.C. fans might have gotten to a cast reunion has passed. Despite his lack of interest in rebooting the show, Brody is still be willing to have dinner with his former cast. 

In a 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brody revealed “there was a dinner in the works” among the cast until the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit. “The Zoom cast reunion is a big thing right now,” he added.

But nothing ever got planned. This year, Bilson and another O.C. cast member are bringing fans something better than a Zoom call. 

Rachel Bilson is willing to reunite with ‘The O.C.’ cast 

While there’s no official word regarding an O.C. reunion just yet, Bilson says she’s open to it. “I had such a good experience and I’m so grateful for everything,” she told the Betches Moms podcast. In the mean time, Bilson is busy bringing fans a new O.C. podcast.

A reunion of ‘The O.C.’ cast is kind of already happening 

Beginning April 27, the Welcome to The O.C., B*tches podcast will feature Bilson and her co-star Melinda Clarke as they work their way through every episode of The O.C. According to Deadline, Bilson and Clarke partnered with Kast Media to bring fans behind-the-scenes of the teen drama series. 

“This is an O.C. rewatch podcast as only the two b*tches who were there could do,” Clarke says in the podcast trailer. “We’re starting from the beginning, back when we were just guest stars.” 

“I’m so excited to be doing this podcast with Mindy,” Bilson told Deadline. “Going back and watching all of these episodes has been so fun and I can’t wait to talk about it all.”

Bilson said fans will get to hear stories from camera operators, makeup artists, and of course, the cast they grew to love over the show’s four-year run. Does this mean the podcast will feature Brody, McKenzie, and Barton as guest stars? Only time will tell!

The Welcome to The O.C., B*tches podcast will release new episodes every Tuesday. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for updates on the potential of The O.C. reunion.

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