The Office: 5 shows to watch if you love The US Office

The Office: Rashida Jones stars as Karen Filippelli

The Office ran for nine seasons in total on NBC and has gone on to become one of the most-watched comedies of all time. Following the employees at the Dunder Mifflin paper company in Scranton, viewers were hooked to the ups and downs of their lives, private and professional. However, for fans who have binge-watched the show already, has compiled some other shows you might enjoy.

Parks & Recreation

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video; Netflix from February 1

From the creators of The Office, Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, Parks & Recreation follows a very similar format to the comedy.

Set in a government office in Pawnee, Indiana, the show also focuses on a group of slightly hapless employees.

Led by Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler), the series begins when she is a mid-level bureaucrat and continues to follow her and her staff as she tries to work her way up the ranks in local government.

Just like The Office, the show has a lot of comedy balanced with plenty of emotion as it focuses on the employees as they navigate love and professional achievements across seven seasons.

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Space Force

Where to watch: Netflix

Space Force is another American comedy masterminded by The Office creator Daniels along with Michael Scott star Steve Carell.

The Netflix original series follows Carell as General Mark Naird as he is appointed the head of the United States Space Force.

With the aim of getting “boots on the moon,” he works with scientists to try and work out how to get the military into space, often to hilarious effect.

Alongside Carell, the series has an all-star cast featuring John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy O Yang.

The first season landed on Netflix back in 2020 and it has been renewed for a second outing.


Where to watch: Netflix

Another mockumentary series, Borderline was first broadcast on Channel 5 back in 2016.

The show follows the Border Force employees of the fictional Northend Airport.

Borderline featured an all-star comedy cast, including David Avery, Jackie Clune, David Elms and Guz Khan.

The series ran for two seasons and was narrated by Death in Paradise’s Ralf Little.


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Schitt’s Creek

Where to watch: Netflix

If you’re looking for a comedy series with a lot of heart behind the hilarity, look no further than Schitt’s Creek.

The Canadian series was created by stars and father and son duo Eugene Levy and Dan Levy.

Across six seasons, the CBC show follows the Rose family as they lose all of their money and end up living in a small town called Schitt’s Creek.

The series has also won great critical acclaim and when it came to an end in 2020, it won Emmys across the board for its actors and creative team.


Where to watch: Netflix

Another American sitcom set in the workplace, Superstore has just been made available for UK viewers on Netflix.

The NBC show takes place in Cloud 9, which is a big-box store in St Louis, Missouri.

As with The Office, viewers follow the characters through the ups and downs of working life as well as their personal lives.

The cast is led by Ugly Betty star America Ferrera alongside Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash, Colton Dunn and Nico Santos.

The Office is available to stream in full on Netflix now.

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