The real reason everyone is talking about Alexa Demie

Twitter — along with the rest of the world — is obsessed with Euphoria; not a feeling of extreme happiness, but the HBO series about teenage partying, drug use, and depression. The show has been a favorite not just for teenagers, but for anyone who can identify with feeling a bit lost in the world. With the second season of the series reportedly delayed due to coronavirus pandemic and Zendaya winning the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series – becoming the youngest person to do so — the series continues to make headlines. While Zendaya’s young age may have captured the attention of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, her co-star was trending for the opposite reason.

One night in September 2020, Twitter got together to answer the question on everyone’s mind: Is Alexa Demie immortal? It may sound absurd, but there is some evidence. For starters, on Euphoria, Demie portrays Maddy Perez, a 17-year-old girl. Originally, fans believed she was around the same age as Zendaya based on a 2019 People interview, which stated she was 24 at the time. However, people began to believe that she was a bit older, based on an alleged list of alumni of John Marshall High School in Los Angeles, showing Demie’s name among the Class of 2008, adding at least a few years to her age. In the midst of the rumors, a Twitter post claiming Demie “has lived a thousand lives” went viral.

Just how old is Alexa Demie?

Amid the mass confusion over the true age of Euphoria star Alexa Demie, one tweet shot the rumors to the next level. In the now-viral post, a Twitter user posted four photos of Demie, with the caption, “she has lived a thousand lives.” The photos show Demie with the Kardashian clan, seemingly pre-2010 based on their appearance. The other photos show Demie with the likes Sky Ferreira, Grimes, and Azealia Banks. A pretty weird eclectic photo set, no?

Of course, Twitter being Twitter, the story quickly morphed from “Alexa Demie is older than we thought” into “Alexa Demie is immortal.” The latter quickly morphed into a meme, with fans photoshopping Demie into different historical situations, including the fall of the Berlin Wall, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and hiding inside the Trojan Horse. Her signature was also shopped into the Declaration of Independence.

For her part, Demie has yet to clarify her age or her mortal status. While it’s probably safe to assume the actress is at least 25, some mysteries may never be solved.

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