The real reason Kate Winslet keeps her Oscar in her bathroom

It’s no secret that Kate Winslet is a success in show business. She’s established herself as a buzz-worthy leading lady and earned countless fans over the years by starring in popular movies like 1997’s Titanic, 2004’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and 2006’s The Holiday. The star has also taken home a long list of top industry honors (almost 100!) including multiple Golden Globes, just as many BAFTAs, a Primetime Emmy, and an Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role thanks to her work in 2008’s The Reader.

Granted, as famous as Winslet is, there are also a few things that you may not have known about the famous figure. For instance, she’s been married multiple times, she will never get plastic surgery, and she’s had “bitter regrets” following a backlash that was related to a controversial career move. On top of that, she happens to keep her Oscar in the bathroom! Read on to find out the rather adorable reason why.

Kate Winslet shares her Oscar experience in a weird way

Winning an Academy Award can be the achievement of a lifetime for some stars. Kate Winslet surely appreciated it when she took home a coveted statuette for The Reader. And that’s an experience she likes to share with others. But if you want to know what it’s like to win an Oscar — that is, if you’re not in a position to earn one for yourself — then you’ll have to visit Winslet’s house and use the facilities.

It turns out that Winslet’s Oscar can be found in her bathroom. Why the heck would she keep it there? It’s not because she doesn’t care about the statue or what it means. Instead, she wants to share the thrill that goes along with receiving such a cool honor. Indeed, she leaves it there “so her guests can make their pretend Oscar speeches behind closed doors,” according to Vanity Fair.

The star told The Wall Street Journal Magazine, “The whole point is for everybody to pick it up and go, ‘I’d like to thank my son and my dad’…” She added that “you can always tell when someone has” performed a little speech, “because they’re in there a little bit longer after they flushed. They’ll come out looking slightly pink-cheeked. It’s hysterical.”

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