The Simpsons fans unearth old clip that perfectly describes 'horrible' year

Fans of The Simpsons have unearthed an old clip from the series to illustrate how rough 2020 has been – and it really is quite the trip.

While we’ve all been realising just how many moments of history the show appeared to foresee, whether a coincidence or not, now viewers are finding some scenes perfectly riff on our current state.

From season nine, episode 20 episode, The Trouble With Trillions, the characters of the Fox show are gathering to ring in a new year, only to have it scuppered on the final countdown when the dropping ball halts with eight seconds to go.

‘Oh will this horrible year never end?’ Homer cries as punters gather at the town clock.

‘We’ve never lost a year before and I’ll be damned if we’re gonna lose one on my shift,’ Chief Wiggum interrupted, before shooting the ball down to bring in the new year.

One fan unearthed the clip this week to try and illustrate how the world is feeling, having gone through so much this year already – and having it only just cross over into June.

Sharing the clip to Reddit, they wrote: ‘Only halfway there, but very much the feeling across the world.’

And, sure, they have a point – we’ve been going on about 2020 quite a lot, for good reason.

What with the bushfires that ravaged Australia, wiping out a billion animals and thousands of homes, with many lives lost, at the turn of the year, the locust plagues and hurricanes and typhoons that shook nations, with floods in Indonesia. Plus the horrific deaths of 176 when a Ukrainian passenger plane was shot down in Iran.

The celebrity deaths, with that of both the sudden deaths of Kobe Bryant and Caroline Flack shaking their millions of fans to the core before we’d even hit March.

Oh and don’t even get us started on coronavirus – with more than 380,000 people so far dying from Covid-19 and the majority of the UK locked indoors since March to ‘flatten the curve’ (with no end in sight to when we can go back to what used to be normal).

The death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old father who died after a police office knelt on his neck, has also sent shockwaves around the world, kickstarting protests and educating many on the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, one may argue his horrific death could end up being a catalyst for 2020 to bring about immense positive change in society, so we’re going to keep our fingers crossed on that one.

Fans of the Reddit post were a little sceptical of the original message – we’re good like that – as they responded to the clip.

One mused: ‘I doubt 2021 will be a significant step up.’

Hey, you’ve got to have faith, mate.

Another felt the message fell flat as many things we’ve witnessed this year is due to climate change, which isn’t really a ‘2020 thing’ – however they were rebuffed by one user who commented: ‘COVID-19 and police brutality have nothing to do with climate change. If anything, COVID-19 benefited the climate for a while.’

Regardless, we can definitely chalk this up to The Simpsons, yet again, perfectly encapsulating the whole vibe of, well, whatever the heck is happening right now.

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