The Sister's Russell Tovey insists family were haunted by ghosts ahead of ITV's supernatural thriller

THE Sister kicks off on ITV tonight, brining a mind-boggling murder mystery to screens.

Russell plays leading man Nathan, who believes he has buried a dark secret from a party a few years ago, involving a young woman.

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But a series of horrific events is triggered when a man from his past, played by Bertie Carvel, shows up and breaks some terrible news which threatens to ruin the life Nathan has built for himself.

The series is set to include some eerie supernatural elements, a matter Tovey claimed he had a personal connection to.

He told The Sun's TV Mag about a spooky encounter he had as a child, that has stayed with him ever since.

"I saw a ghost dog. 100 percent I saw a ghost dog! This was years ago and my friend had a house that was an old rectory and they used to do catering there," he began.

"This clairvoyant woman came round talking to his mum and she started stroking the air. His mum said; ‘What are you doing?’ And she said: ‘There’s this big white dog here.’"

He continued: "My friend told me this story and we were sat in this room watching TV and I remember I looked down the hall and I saw a bit white dog run up the stairs and I thought: ‘Where the hell has that dog come from?’

"It ran down the hall and disappeared. I looked at it and I went: ‘Have I just played tricks on myself because I’ve heard this story or am I actually seeing this dog that she was talking about?’

"And I went back to the room and said: ‘I’ve just seen a ghost dog,’ and everyone’s like: ‘Shut up Russell, you attention seeker!’ I said: ‘I actually have and I’m totally convinced.’"

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Tovey said that the strange incidents didn't end there, recounting his mother's experience with the otherworldly.

"Then my mum had some poltergeist activity when she was younger – we had this woman who used to come and look after us every now and then and she was Italian and her friend had committed suicide by throwing herself off the tallest building in Milan," he went on.

"After that, she got convinced and she used to come in the house and be like: ‘Did you turn that light on? I didn’t turn that light on. Did you turn the oven on. I didn’t put the heating on, did you? Did you close that window? Did you close that door?’

"It created this energy and my mum said one day she was watching a keep fit video and there was a pen on the table and she said the pen rose in the air, went all the way across the room and then dropped on the floor," he added.

"She said she looked around and went: ‘Boys…’ knowing me and my brother weren’t there. She said she went over to the pen and went ‘No, you’re not doing this, not in my house,’ and carried on doing her keep fit with tears in her eyes, s****ingherself! Carried on doing her keep fit video!

"That’s my mum! I did ouija boards growing up, I find it surprisng in the States, Wadingtons have made the ouija board like a Monopoly board – you can buy it as a game. I’m like: ‘I don’t understand who you can get this is Toys R Us.’"

The comments come after Tovey revealed the 'terrifying' real life stabbing that inspired the show.

He also claimed filming the intense scenes left him 'anxious, panicked and fearful'.

The Sister begins Monday on ITV at 9pm.

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