The truth about Mila Kunis’ surprising obsession

Milena Markovna Kunis, professionally known as Mila Kunis, had a successful acting career that began with starring in commercials as a kid. Now, most people know her for her role as Jackie in the hippie sitcom That ’70s Show, voicing Meg on the raunchy cartoon Family Guy, and a diverse mix of romantic comedy and drama roles. Let’s also not forget the psychological horror film Black Swan.

Fans not only found Kunis incredibly beautiful, but she also had the most down-to-earth personality, which makes sense since she married one of Hollywood’s funniest pranksters — Ashton Kutcher. The couple tied the knot in 2015 and have two children together.

As everyone has a hobby (or vice) or two, the Friends with Benefits star also had a habit that she forcibly had to make herself stop, because it was affecting her way of living after she became obsessed. So, what kept the Hollywood star up for hours (and potentially days) on end? We might have the shocking answer. 

Mila Kunis loved World of Warcraft — a lot

According to Us Weekly, Mila Kunis considered herself a self-proclaimed gamer. In a 2008 interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Black Swan actress admitted to being a big fan of World of Warcraft, Civilization, Mario Party, Settlers of Catan, and even Call of Duty. However, she had to give one particular game a rest. “Let’s just say, I had to quit the game for good going on a year now,” she said of World of Warcraft.

“I’m really good, I’m a really kick-ass mage,” she said about her WoW days (via Us Weekly). “Well, you’re your own person and you can get into a guild. You gotta be in a guild, because you gotta do raids that require 30 or 40 people. But now with the expansion pack, they’re gonna have raids that require only, like, 10 people. So that’ll really make things a lot easier. Oh my God, it’s such a good game. I love it.”

She also briefly geeked out over World of Warcraft in a 2015 interview with IGN, where she also gushed about her love of Star Trek and Star WarsFrom the sound of it, she really knows her stuff about the fandoms.

Mila Kunis worked behind the scenes on a few video games

While Mila Kunis was a big video game fan, the mother of two told Wired in a 2018 interview that she no longer plays video games as much as she used to after having kids with her famous husband of five years, Ashton Kutcher. (According to Cheatsheet, Kutcher was a huge video game player himself at one point, especially Nintendo 64.)

Not only did Kunis play video games for hours on end at one point, but she also found other ways to get behind-the-scenes of her fave pastime. The That ’70s Show alum has voice acted in video games, including Saints Row (as Tanya Winters) and three Family Guy games to voice her iconic character of Meg Griffin, according to IMDb.

Maybe one day Kunis will give World of Warcraft another go. Or better yet, maybe she’ll make her own video game — fingers crossed.

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