'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 Has to Answer These 3 Questions and Inconsistencies

The suspense is finally over, and Netflix’s hit The Umbrella Academy has been confirmed for season 3. While production on the series’ new installment doesn’t start until February, fans can hardly wait to ask some critical questions of their favorite dysfunctional superhero family.

With the dizzying, timeline-confusing hijinks in Season 2, the action led to a series of epic cliffhangers leaving viewers with a lot more questions than answers. As so much has changed in the adaptation, not even comic fans have much insight into what’s going to happen.

Fans clearly can’t get enough of the Hargraves family, despite what questions loom about their future (and past?) in season 3 of the show. While we’re still a ways off from getting an official release date on the third installment, our questions aren’t likely to get any less confusing by the time the premier rolls around.

Let’s take a look in this article at a few questions we can’t wait to have The Umbrella Academy answer.

What is Reginald up to?

Reginald Hargreeves may have not been a great father, but it’s safe to say audiences enjoy his presence in the story a lot more than his adopted children do. Hargraves, played by Colm Feore, has a backstory we’ve merely scratched the surface of, but what we’ve got has left us hungry for more.

The startling, though somewhat expected, reveal of Hargreeves as an alien in season 2 only increases the number of questions fans have about this mysterious character. Hargreeves always seems to know more about everything than his children, so what did he know that led to his formation of The Sparrow Academy rather than The Umbrella Academy in the new timeline? Where did Reginald come from and what is he actually after?

To what extent did the timeline actually change?

Fans know very little about what the Hargreeves siblings are coming back to in the modern-day. The Umbrella Academy is now The Sparrow Academy.

This team contains none of the original Hargreeves children except for Ben, whom Reginald never met in the 1960s. That is, however, pretty much all viewers know about what today’s world looks like in this new timeline.

Where are the new timeline’s versions of the Hargreeves siblings that viewers know? The Umbrella Academy kids had been rather influential for the world, what has changed outside the academy’s doors? Without knowing more about what actually changed the timeline, it’s hard to make any guesses at these questions, and everyone will be looking forward to some answers from season 3.

What happens to Harlan?

Eclipsed though it may be by the cliffhanger of The Sparrow Academy, Harlan is still a huge mystery in The Umbrella Academy. Harlan’s powers are largely unknown to viewers, as is what he’s been doing between the 1960s and the modern timeline.

At the end of season two, Harlan can be seen to nearly destroy the world by losing control of the powers Vanya accidentally gave him. Though it’s hinted that Harlan’s powers were lost after Vanya soothed him in time to prevent an apocalypse, seeing him levitating a toy sparrow in the finale brings up a multitude of questions.

Surely the name of the new timeline’s Hargreeves family being the same as Harlan’s toy is related. To what extent did abandoning a boy with superpowers in the 1960s disrupt the original timeline and can viewers expect to see adult Harlan as a friend or an enemy?

There are clearly a lot of questions for season 3 to answer, and everyone is certainly glad to hear production is starting. While fans eagerly wait for a release date, there’s plenty more to puzzle through on everything season 2 has left unanswered for a while more. Now everyone can be confident that some answers are coming before too long.

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