The Walking Dead World Beyond: Why did Hope actress Alexa Mansour stop watching TWD?

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond made its debut on Prime Video and AMC in October 2020, and it follows a group of teenagers who set off to explore the post-apocalyptic world. Alexa Mansour stars as Hope Bennett, one of the teenage protagonists who watched her mother die in the early days of the apocalypse. She spoke exclusively to and other media about why she had to stop watching the original series.

Why did Hope actress Alexa Mansour have to stop watching The Walking Dead?

The sequel series is set 10 years after the apocalypse, although it is a part of the same Walking Dead universe, with plenty of walkers, otherwise known as empties, to steer clear of.

At the start of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the youngsters are being taught how to defend themselves during a zombie attack, and they are informed the most important rule is to avoid close contact at all costs.

But the group of teens, who form the main characters in the series, make a decision to get up close and personal with the empties outside of the safe walls of the university campus.

They find themselves getting closer than ever before to the terrifying empties, and actress Mansour explained how she had to give the series a break when she was younger due to the horrifying content.

She said: “I was 11 or 12 when the show came out, I was super into scary stuff and zombies.

“I started watching it for a couple of years and realised I was getting really bad nightmares – I had to give it a break.

“I started watching it again when I got the job just to freshen things up.” Speaking about why audiences are so attracted to zombie horror, she said: “I think we love being scared.

“As weird as it sounds the dead make us feel alive, we get a rush every time something pops out at you.”

Her co-star Nicolas Cantu, who plays Elton Ortiz in the series, also spoke to and other media about why fans love to be scared by the series.

He said: “We were talking about the grossest things we saw on set and the crazy makeup and fake blood, and while it seems disgusting, it’s super cool.

“We love blood and guts, it was appealing in a weird way.”

Some fans have commented on the lack of zombie action in the sequel series, saying the show is too “tame” compared to its predecessor.

However, the cast explained the new show should be seen through the eyes of the teenagers, and they are trying to discover more about themselves as much as they are trying to avoid zombies.

The coming-of-age series has a heavier focus on how the teenagers learn to adapt to a post-apocalyptic world, and they are not ready to go in all-guns-blazing just yet.

With that said, there is bound to be more zombie action to come as the teens move further away from their safe zone.

Fans have shared their thoughts on the new series on Twitter, with one saying: “The Walking Dead: The World Beyond. I was worried this was going to be a CW version of this universe, and to a certain point it is, but the show has that magic.

“The kids are not the typical angsty ones usually portrayed. And I think they found a real star in Aliyah Royale.”

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However, others were keen to see more tense moments and zombie battles, with one saying: “The Walking Dead World Beyond is so boring? I’m so disappointed.”

The episodes are airing weekly and the series has been commissioned for two seasons only.

Another fan said: “Watched two episodes of the Walking Dead World Beyond. I’ll give it the four episode test, but so far it’s as boring as the worst of the WD episodes.”

However other fans have fallen in love with the series, mostly due to the outstanding performances from the young cast.

They hope there will be more zombie action to come, and a clip for the next episode has already revealed a new type of zombie is discovered.

Hope and her friends walk past a zombie laying lifelessly on a bench, but as they approach it rears its head and a swarm of wasps emerge from its mouth.

The wasps start to attack the survivors and the zombie makes its move towards Silas (Hal Cumpston) but the group manages to outrun both the empty and the wasps.

Fans were excited to see the evolution of the zombies and they are keen to learn more about the latest undead characters.

Actor Cantu posted a photo of himself with one of the zombies in full costume on his Instagram account, and fans have commented on the attention to detail when it comes to creating the zombies.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond airs weekly on Prime Video and AMC

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