'The Young and the Restless' Fans Want Sharon to Stick By Her Man

The Young and the Restless debuted in 1973, and the daytime drama is still going strong. Sharon Newman and Adam Newman are both longtime characters on the show. Their fiery love and the tumultuous relationship has captivated the audience’s attention over the last 10 years.

Sharon (Sharon Case) and Adam’s most recent split was last year, ending their 10-year romance. Their relationship ended when Sharon wouldn’t tell Adam (Mark Grossman) that she loved him. Even though Sharon and Adam have had other romantic partners on the show, they always seem to end up back in each other’s embrace.

Following Adam and Sharon’s most recent breakup, Sharon began dating Rey (Jordi Vilasuso). Even though Sharon and Rey haven’t been together long, Rey has already proven he is committed to Sharon.

Rey stayed by Sharon’s side throughout her battle with cancer

Rey has spent the last several months wholly devoted to Sharon and has vowed to love her and support her throughout her illness. His commitment to her is unwavering. Even when Sharon expresses frustration about everyone worrying about her health, Rey tries to give her space when she asks, and be there when she needs him.

Although Rey insisted on accompanying Sharon to her recent doctor’s appointment to receive her latest pathology results, Sharon insisted that she wanted to go alone. Rey reminded her that they are a team and that he wants to do everything to support her. Rey honored her wishes and let her go to the appointment alone.

Soap Central recapped the recent events and stated that Rey promised he would be waiting for her at home; however, Rey wasn’t there when she returned. Instead of waiting for Rey, Sharon decided to visit her ex, Adam, at the motel he is staying in.

It seems Sharon and Adam aren’t over each other

Lately, Sharon and Adam have been worried about each other. The former couple has been seeking comfort and support from each other. Chase saw Sharon arrive at Adam’s motel room, and Sharon worried that Rey might find out where she went.

Adam is in a relationship with Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). However, Adam has been reaching out to Sharon frequently, instead of his partner. As Adam’s mental health is declining and the ghosts of his past haunt him, he is reaching out to Sharon for help. Though he should be reaching out to Chelsea for emotional support, he seems to be shutting her out and clinging to Sharon.

As Sharon deals with a harrowing battle with cancer and Adam deals with regret and emotional trauma, they have been confiding in each other instead of seeking out their current partners. This emotional reconnect has led some fans to believe that Sharon and Adam may get back together.

Fans think Sharon should stay with Rey

A recent Twitter post featured a snippet of Sharon anxiously awaiting her pathology results. While Sharon and her family continue to deal with her declining health, she helps Adam and even lies to her loved ones on multiple occasions. On Twitter, fans were quick to voice their concerns about her relationships with Rey and Adam.

While some fans want to see Shadam (Adam and Sharon) back in action, other fans believe that Sharon should stay with Rey. After all, he’s been by her side through her battle with cancer while Adam has been kept largely in the dark.

Adam and Sharon clearly still care deeply for each other; however, it’s clear fans like seeing Sharon and Rey together.

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