Theyre telling us! Nick Ferrari blasts civil servants to return to office in WFH rant

Nick Ferrari and Vanessa Feltz attack 'hypocritical' civil servants

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On Tuesday, This Morning hosts Rochelle Hulmes and Phillip Schofield were joined by broadcasters Vanessa Feltz and Nick Ferrari during a heated debate on the daytime show. Civil servant union bosses have expressed their anger at the Government’s push to get more staff back into Whitehall offices following the end of work from home guidance which was confirmed last week. While union chiefs have warned against imposing “arbitrary place of work requirements” and said it is “nonsense” to suggest staff do not work hard at home, the LBC host shared his thoughts on the ITV programme. 

Nick explained: “It is reported that some of the civil servants have relocated as far as Cornwall, so they’re not particularly keen to come on a four or five-hour train journey into London.

“They’re the guys telling us all to get on the trains and the buses but they don’t get their own troops in.”

While fellow guest Vanessa said: “I mean, all this outrage and horror about what has or hasn’t been going on in Downing Street really is centred on that very feeling. 

“If you’re the leader, lead!,” she told ITV viewers.

On Monday, photographs which showed the largely deserted streets of Whitehall circulated showing the Treasury, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and the Foreign Office all looking rather quiet. 

Reportedly, an estimated 31 people were seen around the Home Office entering the building between the hours of 9.30am and 10.30am. 

Last week, the Prime Minister ditched the work from home guidance following Mr Johnson’s announcement which stated he was easing COVID-19 restrictions.

In another episode of This Morning, the radio host slammed Boris Johnson and claimed his time as Prime Minister would soon be up.

Nick made a prediction that Mr Johnson would have to step down over the most recent lockdown party revelations.

He remarked: “Let your viewers be in no doubt, this is the gravest crisis the Prime Minister has ever faced whether as PM, mayor or shadow politician.

“There are movements going on now, I’m not saying they are getting ready but they’re talking about the last days of Boris Johnson.”

“And why? Because a born winner is actually now losing. He won against Theresa May, he won against Jeremy Corbyn – you could argue, quite weak opposition but it appears his luck has run out.

“If you’re starting to lose and lose and lose again – the license he was given coming into this year – keep your head down, don’t get anything else wrong, don’t have any more scandals, get us to the local elections in May – I think that license could be endorsed.”

Host Holly Willoughby wondered: “So are you suggesting, by what you’ve just said, that this could be it for him?”

The straight-talking journalist added: “This is the fight of his life, Holly, be in no doubt.”

Nick claimed: “That is the statement of Boris Johnson’s political future.

“My understanding is that the idea he’s going do a pre-statement is possibly now not on, because it draws more attention to it.”

Phillip replied: “He can’t hide this time,” while Camilla Tominey added: “No, he can’t hide.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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