Things Heard and Seen ending explained: What happens?

AMANDA Seyfried continues to prove she is one of the more versatile actresses in Hollywood, the former Mamma Mia star shines in Netflix's latest horror/drama hybrid 'Things Heard and Seen'.

The film packs a star-studded cast, with Little Women star James Norton and Stranger Things' Natalia Dyer joining Seyfried for the haunting thriller.

What happened at the end of Things Heard and Seen?

Many viewers were left slightly puzzled as they aimed to try and untangle the ending, but here it is explained.

George (James Norton, Seyfried's on-screen husband) appears to have gotten away with murdering his work supervisor Floyd (F. Murray Abraham), after drowning him after Floyd discovered George had forged a letter of recommendation to get a teaching position at a highly sought after college.

Floyd's death is ruled an accident, while George thinks of a plan to try and kill his wife: He drugs Catherine’s (Amanda Seyfried) protein drink with a sedative.

She tries to escape with her daughter, but the sedative begins to kick in, and she falls unconscious. George brutally murders Catherine with an axe while she is unconscious.

He has seemingly thought of everything as he gives himself an alibi by going to work, then reports the murder to the police. The film then reverts back to the opening scene, with George spotting blood dripping from the ceiling, and running with his daughter across the grounds.

However, when George was on his way home from murdering Floyd, he ran into Catherine's friend Justine.

Justine has made it clear she does not like George, and spots him soaking wet, George immediately realizes that she will suspect him when the authorities find Floyd’s body. So George runs Justine off of the road, causing her car to crash, and putting her in a coma.

The police suspect George is guilty of both Floyd and his wife's murder, but they don’t have any proof—until Justine wakes up from her coma.

George panics and aims to flee the scene on a sailboat, the heavens open and while enduring the storm, George can hear his late-wife Catherine whisper about the gates of hell.

An upside-down cross appears in the sky, his boat catches fire and George sails helplessly into the gates of hell.

What is Things Heard and Seen about?

The film is set in 1980, and depicts the lives of husband and wife George and Catherine Clare.

Catherine is enjoying her life in Manhattan as an artist, but when her husband George (James Norton) gets a job teaching art history at a small private college in the Hudson Valley, she is forced to up sticks.

Along with their daughter Franny, the couple move into a haunting, creepy house in a secluded area of the New York. Catherine is disturbed when she finds an old bible dating back to the 18th century, tracking the family deaths of the previous homeowners.

An alarming amount of the deaths mentioned were wives who were deemed “damned” by their husbands.

Throughout the film, we slowly learn that a lot of people in the town believe in ghosts and spirits. George’s boss at the school loves a real-life artist named George Inness, whose painting "The Valley of the Shadow of Death," is a recurring theme in the film.

It is later discovered that Inness and the rest of the town are followers of a real-life 18th-century Swedish theologian named Emanuel Swedenborg, who claimed that he could converse with angels, demons, and other spirits.

The previous wives who lived in Catherine’s home were also followers of Swedenborg, though their husbands did not like this. After the wives died “mysteriously” in their homes, it is implied their husbands killed them, the haunting spirits are actually there to protect Catherine, not harm.

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