Tiffany Haddish tells Today’s Hoda Kotb ‘get out of my bedroom’ after host confronts comic about Common dating rumors – The Sun

TIFFANY Haddish isn't spilling any details about her rumored romance with Common.

The comedian appeared on the Today show on Wednesday morning to talk about the The Last OG, being quarantined and her love life- but with limits!

After Tiffany, 40, talked about her partnership with Bumble, Hoda asked: "I thought, I was kind of confused about your Bumble dating, I don't know where I read this or maybe it's a total rumor…I don't know, nobody knows!

"But what about you and Common?"

Tiffany replied: "Well he's on Bumble!"

Hoda bursted out in laughter and asked: "Are ya'll dating?

"What's happening there?"

Tiffany said: "We went on a virtual Bumble date!"

Hoda asked: "That's it?"

Tiffany replied with a smile: "Yeah! Get out of my bedroom, Hoda!"

Hoda was left hysterically laughing and told her: "I'm not in your bedroom!"

Tiffany joked that it's just her and her clean clothes on her bed so it feels like "somebody is in the bed."

Hoda told her: "Whatever you got to do to make it work!"

Tiffany has been sharing x-rated details about her dating life as rumors swirl about her and Common.

While chatting to her Girls Trip co-star, Jada Pinkett Smith, on Jada's show, Red Table Talk, via Zoom, the actress said: "I prefer small penises personally, because I feel like small ones respect you."

She continued: "They're kind. They buy you nice gifts. They take you nice places.

"They'll come and clean your house; fix your cars for you.

"Small penises are penises of service.

"Big penises just do whatever they want to do.

"They don't clean up after themselves.

"My old coping mechanism was big d**ks."

Tiffany is thought to be in quarantine with the rapper.

Earlier this month, she admitted she couldn't get her contraceptive shot before lockdown and joked she could get pregnant.

She said in the video obtained by The Jasmin Brand: "I got a full belly and a half cup of vodka.

"Because of quarantine I can't get my Depo[-Provera] shot so lets see what happens."

In the past, when Tiffany has been asked about her romance, she claimed that she and Common are "just friends".

However, Tiffany admitted that she would be interested in dating the rapper.

Dating rumors escalated last month after Beyoncé's mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, called them a "beautiful couple" on social media.

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