Tiny Pretty Things spoilers: Who pushed Cassie in Tiny Pretty Things?

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Tiny Pretty Things is a new Netflix series which arrived on December 14, and fans have already binged their way through. The series opens with Cassie Shore (played by Anna Maiche) being pushed off the roof of a building, but her attacker’s face remains unknown. Fans are keen to know who pushed Cassie and Express.co.uk has all you need to know.

WARNING: This story contained spoilers for Tiny Pretty Things

Who killed Cassie in Tiny Pretty Things?

Fans were immediately hooked on the whodunnit series after the 10 episodes landed at the same time on Netflix.

Cassie fell to her supposed death in episode one, when a mysterious figure from the ballet school approached and whispered ‘I know’ in her ear, before shoving her from the building.

With a tragic incident kicking off the series with a bang, the other lead characters were left speculating over who pushed Cassie.

Cassie spent the series in hospital, in a coma, where she was visited by various characters as the story progressed.

Cassie’s condition worsened and her friends were asked to come to the hospital to say goodbye to her, as the doctors said she would never regain consciousness.

Towards the end of the series, however, she regained enough consciousness to reveal how her fall was not an accident.

But to fans’ disbelief, she did not have time to reveal the killer’s name.

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During the series, fans watched on as she was visited by June (Daniela Norman) – who it later transpired had given Cassie drugs on the night she fell.

She was a suspect for a while but was proven innocent in the end.

Nabil (Michael Hsu Rosen), who had been in a relationship with Cassie, was also one of the suspects from the beginning – but he, too, was later ruled out.

But by now the killer had started to play games with Cassie’s friends, sending them a white rose – something that had been found on the street where Cassie had fallen. So who really pushed Cassie?

In the ninth episode, police officer Isabel Cruz (Jess Salgueiro) arrested Bette (Casimere Jollette) and took her into custody – convinced she pushed Cassie.

Bette had been given the lead role in the ballet show, and so fans were left wondering if she wanted Cassie out of the picture to get the main part.

Towards the end of the series, Bette was seen on the roof of the ballet school where she admitted to her friends she had pushed Cassie.

She said she had experienced a “drunken blackout” but it was no excuse for an alibi.

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She said: “I did it. I pushed Cassie Shore off the roof.” Cassie, who managed to make a miraculous recovery, then appeared in a wheelchair giving a speech to the press, in which she said: “It only took one student to ruin my life, and that student was Bette Whitlaw.”

Yet fans were shocked to learn Bette had just been framed as she was one of Cassie’s biggest rivals.

In fact, it was revealed to be Bette’s older sister Delia (Tory Trowbridge) who had pushed Cassie.

Delia had discovered Cassie had been in a secret romance with her boyfriend and was also jealous of the fact Cassie was a threat in the world of dance.

She had been the one to confront Cassie on the roof, and they ended up getting into an argument, which resulted in Delia pushing Cassie.

Bette continued to be blamed for Delia’s actions, as she had not been in a state of mind to remember the truth.

Fans have been left wondering whether Delia will ever come clean, or whether Bette will go down for her mistake.

June had spotted Delia wearing a hoodie on the night of the Ripper performance, and remembered the same hoodie from the night Cassie fell.

During a press conference, Cassie had told everyone it was Bette who pushed her, and it caused Bette to consider taking her own life.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Delia confessed to her sister she had been the one to push Cassie, as she had been jealous of her.

Fans are already calling for a second season as they are keen to find out if Cassie will ever learn the truth about her attacker.

One said on Twitter: “That ending of Tiny Pretty Things? I’m gonna need a season 2 and I need it right now.”

Another fan said: “The dancing alone made Tiny Pretty Things an enjoyable watch for me. I really hope it gets a season 2.”

There are still plenty of other cliffhangers to be explored, so there are high hopes for a second season.

Tiny Pretty Things airs on Netflix

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