Tipping Point fans confused after Phillip Schofield lookalike appears on ITV show

Viewers were left a little confused while watching Ben Shephard‘s Tipping Point earlier this week, when a contestant appeared who bore a striking resemblance to another ITV favourite – Phillip Schofield!

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After watching the episode on Monday, which was a repeat from a previous season, many took to social media to express their surprise at how much the player, named Paul, looked like the This Morning presenter.

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Viewers couldn’t resist making jokes on Twitter

One person quipped: “@Schofe is that you Phillip? What r u doing on @TippingPointITV with @benshephard. Thought you were recording your voiceover for your book. #tippingpoint” while a second person joked: “That Phillip Schofield is on everything these days.” A third person was convinced Paul could be a relative of Phillip’s, asking: “Philip’s older brother on Tipping Point today?”

Ben Shephard is currently filming a new series of the gameshow

The episode was from a previous season, however, fans will be pleased to know that more Tipping Point is due for release very soon, with Ben Shephard is currently filming the brand new series. Confirming the news on Good Morning Britain earlier this month, the presenter explained he was taking a break from his usual presenting gig on GMB to shoot the gameshow.

After co-host Kate Garraway mentioned he was taking a break, the presenter explained to viewers that despite not being on GMB, he was continuing to work while filming the popular daytime show. Kate began by asking her co-host: “This is Ben’s last day, you’re having a bit of time off aren’t you?” To which Ben assured: “I’m not off at all! Peak Tipping Point series 11, back in the studio and it’s all socially distanced, the set had to change in order to get everybody up and running. So I’m not going to be here but I am going to be working Kate Garraway, I know you think I’ve got my feet up, my trotters up down in the south of France!”

At this point Kate couldn’t resist taking a friendly swipe at her fellow ITV colleague as she quipped: “He calls it working. Nobody takes it seriously, what asking a few questions? Loading a machine? Giving away someone else’s money?”

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