Too Hot To Handle cast member has only messaged twice in WhatsApp group

The Too Hot To Handle cast have become the best of friends since filming the Netflix dating show together last year and keep up with each other in a WhatsApp group.

The chat – which is aptly named Lana Is Bae – has been popping off following the show’s debut on the streaming platform earlier this month, but despite this one member of the group has repotedly been keeping quiet.

Spilling the tea, Nicole O’Brien told ‘Straight after filming we set up a WhatsApp group and it’s called Lana Is Bae.

‘We’re writing on that every day. We all keep in contact, the majority of us.’

Nicole claimed: ‘There’s one person, who’s only written into it twice… Haley [Cureton].

‘Other than that, we’re super close. Me and Lydia are very close and me and Chloe are joined at the hip and we’re hoping to move intogether and everything.’

Over the course of the series, Too Hot To Handle welcomed 14 stunning singletons to a paradise location in Mexico.

As an added twist they weren’t allowed any form of sexual contact with one another – with money being deducted from the $100,000 prize fund if the rules were broken.

The cast members – who were from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the US – made their mark both on the show and on social media, with Nicole also disclosing to us which couples are still together.

‘Harry [Jowsey] and Francesca [Farago] are still together,’ she said, before adding that she’s dating Bryce Hirschberg.

Yep, we’re just as shocked.

Too Hot To Handle is available to stream on Netflix.

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