Towie's Danielle Armstrong has abnormal precancerous cells removed after routine smear test

TOWIE'S Danielle Armstrong has bravely revealed she has had abnormal precancerous cells removed following routine smear test

The reality star, 33, shared a candid Instagram post where she encouraged her 1.3million followers to get checked.

Danielle explained that she went to her routine smear test last month where her results showed abnormal cells.

After this she was referred for a colposcopy, which is a simple procedure that looks at the cervix.

The reality star said that during the procedure, nurses decided to perform a loop excision to the abnormal cells.

Taking to her Instagram, Danielle she wrote: "Have You Booked Your Smear Test ?❤️… 

"Last month I was invited to have my smear test as for the UK ladies between the ages of 25 – 49 it should be every 3 years we get checked. 

"My results showed some abnormal cells and I was referred to have a Colposcopy (this is a simple procedure to look at the cervix for the abnormal cells to see if they could be cancerous or not). 

"Yesterday when having the procedure the nurses decided to do something called a 'Loop Excision' which is basically using a electrical current to cut away the abnormal cells. 

"The reason for cutting away the cells was due to the abnormal cells being "Pre Cancerous Cells" and removing them now can prevent them progressing to cancer in the future.

"Is it uncomfortable… YES Is their bleeding.. YES ( a little) Can it prevent cancer & save your life YES!!!"

Signing off her post, Danielle urged her fans to get checked out and book their routine smear tests.

Danielle has been settling into life as a new mum, and in March documented her weight-loss journey.

In a candid post, she stripped down to her black Calvin Klein underwear for the before and after transformation snaps.

She gave fans a look at her figure from both the front and back to show just how much she's changed.

"How has it been 9 months," wrote Danielle.

"I just wanted to share my transformation with you all because I feel quite proud.

"I always say it 'If it takes us 9 months to grow a baby it’s going to take us at least 9 months to get our body back.

"I’ve loved documenting my transformation and I would love to help anyone not just mums wanting to feel healthier and body confident."

Not long after giving birth, Danielle opened up about how cruel troll comments had affected her.

She told The Sun last year: “I’ve never been massively affected by trolls, but that time I had a proper cry.

“I mean, how sad that someone felt the need to do that? I’m not usually one to read those messages and let them ruin my day, but in that moment I felt really rubbish and then I looked at myself and thought: ‘God, I am big’.

“Those words have an impact. It was horrible and it broke me for a little while. I went from being overjoyed about having my baby girl and everything I’d ever wanted, to suddenly feeling really insecure. That’s not right.”

The reality star vowed to lose her baby weight healthily, and that's exactly what she's done.

Home workouts, a simple nutrition plan and a Herbalife 21-day challenge have all helped her achieve her goal.

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