Um… So We Have New Intel On Who Gossip Girl Is in the New 'Gossip Girl' Show

Gossip Girl is currently filming its new series for HBO Max, and like the rest of the world I’m itching to find any intel I can get my hands on. (Cosmo‘s May/June cover is a great place to start, just sayin’!) While fans have been intro’d to a fresh group of rising stars, there’s just one question mark left…Who is Gossip Girl this time around and what are they like???

Fans of the OG series may remember our resident tea spiller chose to divulge her secrets by means of a blog. But the new series picks up eight years later, so the show’s technology has evolved… and so has the way Gossip Girl disperses the latest juicy deets happening on the Upper East Side.

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So what do we know about Gossip Girl? Series showrunner Joshua Safran has kindly provided some insight in Cosmo‘s May/June cover story about the way they’ll communicate. Here’s how the story puts it:

TBD on how this will work, but by the time the series does debut on HBO Max, I’m sure we’ll understand the idea behind it a little more. And besides…how fun would it be to see Gossip Girl with their own Twitter or IG account? It truly would make things convenient for them!

Until then, we can only speculate…and we’re kinda okay with that!

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