Unsolved Mysteries fans rage 'there's no way Joann Romain killed herself' and blast cops for 'giving up' on case

NETFLIX viewers are mad over the death of a loving mum as they rage over "police incompetence" and hope she finds justice.

Fans of Unsolved Mysteries say Joann Matouk Romain did not take her own life, but was murdered and her killer may have even been a close family member.

The episode of the crime series called Lady in the Lake explains how she vanished after attending a church mass in Michigan in 2010.

Two months later, her body was found in the Detroit River, more than 50 miles from the church. Police say the case was a suicide, but her daughter Michelle believes it was murder.

Michelle told the Detroit Free Press she believes her mother was killed because someone had a vendetta against one of her uncles, to whom her mother was close.

In the months prior to her death, Joann told her family she was concerned she was being followed by a family member.

After her body was found and the death was ruled a suicide, her family has pointed to multiple inconsistencies in the case.

Michelle believed her mum was murdered by her husband, David, after Joann left him and he was also seeing her best friend – whom he later married.

Other suspects included JoAnn's own brother Bill, whom she had accused of stealing money from the family's multi-million dollar estate along with their sister Rosemary.

But it was her nephew Tim – Bill's son – who Joann was most afraid of.

She told Michelle, "if anything ever happens to me" it would be Tim's doing.

Netflix viewers back Michelle's beliefs saying her mum was definitely murdered and accused police of not doing more to look "into her case the first time around".

One Twitter user wrote: "Pause. So did JoAnn’s brother really just say he couldn’t control his sister’s disappearance/death due to his bad business dealings?… and the tone in how he said it just don’t sit right with me. Somebody in that family knows something."

Another added: "The police absolutely let JoAnn down. Sheesh. The incompetence!!!"

A third said: "Conclusion: JoAnn was murdered by someone and didn't commit suicide. Between the 3 main suspects, all seem like they had a reason to kill. I hope this case gets solved."

Some viewers even speculated Joann's closest brother, John – a failed entrepreneur – might have involved her in his schemes.

One viewer wrote: "So do we think John owed money and got JoAnn abducted/killed or did Tim kill her and the cops covered it up for him?"

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 on Netflix covers the case and the show’s second volume features six new episodes.

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