Walking Dead: Who is Gamma’s sister? Star reveals huge secret

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The Walking Dead is now in its 10th season on AMC and the series is due to return later in 2020. In the latest season, one of the head Whisperers, Gamma (played by Thora Birch), was killed off and fans were sad to see her leave. The star has spoken out about a sister she had on the show, and Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.

Who is Gamma’s sister?

Gamma, also known as Mary, was one of the main characters in The Walking Dead and she was introduced in season 10.

She first appeared in the second episode, called We Are the End of the World, and her last appearance was in the 12th episode called Walk With Us.

Gamma was an antagonist in the series and she is the sister of Frances. She is also the aunt of Adam Sutton, the son of Frances.

Nothing much is known about Gamma, who was third-in-command for The Whisperers, before the outbreak.

Fans only know she had a sister and the pair accompany Beta (Ryan Hurst) to collect more walkers for their herds.


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Frances features in seasons nine and 10 of The Walking Dead, but again nothing is known about her past.

She was seen holding her baby within a small group and they accompanied Alpha (Samantha Morton) to Hilltop.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) saw Frances holding her baby and he was concerned when she later abandons him.

The baby was saved by Connie (Lauren Ridloff), Kelly (Angel Theory) and Tammy Rose Sutton (Brett Butler), and Tammy and her husband Earl ended up adopting the baby themselves.

Actress Thora Birch spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her on-screen sister’s backstory.

She said: “We discussed it loosely, and I did actually create my own version of it in connection with her as we were kind of riffing on it.

“Angela [Kang] is very open-minded to whatever the creatives want to bring to their own character, so I created a vision in my mind of pre-apocalypse Gamma.

“But then later on certain things came into play where I was like, ‘Well, maybe mine wasn’t right, but it doesn’t even matter.’ Like it all works.

“I just approached Gamma from the point of view that she definitely is a Whisperer and dedicated to the cause and a near sycophant of Alpha’s.

“However, that’s only half of her brain, and I still believe that the other half of her brain sees things the way that she once did.”

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She added: “And her sister as well, because I think she takes a very maternal view of her sister even though she, kind of mirrors Alpha’s tough love stance with Lydia. Gamma also has a tough-love approach to her own sister.”

In the series, Gamma makes a snap decision to save Alpha over her sister, as she is keen to protect the leader of the group.

Birch said: “It happens in a very chaotic moment where all of the Whisperers could be found out by the zombies, and it just all happened so fast.

“I think she’s just not thinking. She’s just, like, protect the president. She’s like a secret service agent.”

In one of the season 10 episodes, Alpha was attacked by Gamma’s sister, who jumped on her back.


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The group had been walking with a group of real Walkers, and Gamma grabbed her sister and pushed her to the floor.

She made sure Alpha is safe, and left Frances to be eaten by the rest of the walkers in the group.

Gamma has always been concerned with gaining respect from higher-ranking members of the group, and she is devoted to Alpha.

With self-preservation also being a priority for her, she did not think about her sister as she was being eaten by walkers.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC later in 2020

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