Watch 'SNL' Flip Between Joe Biden, Donald Trump 'Dueling Town Halls'

Saturday Night Live channel-surfed between Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s “Dueling Town Halls” for their latest cold open sketch.

“We now present a rebroadcast of those town halls the way most Americans watched them… Flipping back and forth, trying to decide between a Hallmark movie and an alien autopsy,” SNL said in a disclaimer.

On ABC, Carrey’s Biden settled in to his town hall. “This is going to be exciting! I’ve given every audience member a glass of warm milk and a blanket. Now who’s ready to have some fun with facts and figures,” he said before lulling the small audience with long, meandering answers.

Flipping to NBC, the action was heating up as “surprise badass” Savannah Guthrie (Kate McKinnon) repeatedly questioned Alec Baldwin’s Trump on white supremacy groups and his coronavirus diagnosis.

Like the previous week’s vice presidential debate sketch, the cold open narrowed in on each town hall’s most viral moments, including the woman who told Trump how handsome he is when he smiles and the other woman who relentlessly nodded in agreement with everything Trump said. In the latter case, Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris interrupted Trump’s town hall to check on the wellbeing of the nodding woman.

“You listening to music on tiny headphones? I’m genuinely trying to understand what is happening? ‘Cause if you’re not a plant, I’m deeply, deeply concerned for you,” she asked.

After that, the channel flipping becomes more bizarre, with Biden’s town hall turning into PBS fare like The Joy of Painting and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood — a nod to the much-mocked town hall-night tweet by a Trump advisor — while Guthrie and Trump transform their town hall into WrestleMania 37.

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