We Hunt Together Freddy star details characters season 2 transformation Shes deluded

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The cat and mouse thriller We Hunt Together is returning to screens this week. The first series followed killers Freddy Lane (played by Hermione Corfield) and Baba Lenga (Dipo Ola) who went on the run from the police after committing a series of violent murders. Many of the characters are returning for season two, including Freddy, who has been described as “deluded” over her actions. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk and other publications, Freddy actress Hermione reflected on how her character has changed since the first season of the Alibi show. 

The 28-year-old actress explained: “The nice thing about this series is that Freddy has the opportunity to turn into kind of an influencer, she dominates every single domain she is in and she is going to play around with this one until she is bored.”

She said her character is someone who has to have as much power as possible in every situation she is in “whether that is [through] humour”, or “through violence”. 

“So I just have that as my mantra on top of this new celebrity figure version of Freddy,” Hermione added. 

She explained how Freddy is constantly treading the line of taking control of a situation and finding herself this series. 

After gaining notoriety in the first outing, Freddy is spotted wearing different wigs and make-up styles in the latest outing. 

Reflecting on Freddy’s news aesthetic, Hermione added: “The wigs were interesting because it was like it was her transforming, but her hiding a bit. 

“It’s like a celebrity status thing where she thinks she is so famous now that she can’t go outside without wearing a wig.”

“I think that is slightly deluded,” the actress quipped while describing Freddy. 

“I think she enjoys that thing of thinking ‘God I am so famous I have got to be someone else for the day.’ 

“We had a big discussion about wigs and I think there is something about them which makes her look almost unhinged.” 

She revealed she matched the make-up with the wigs for the series, admitting: “I have kept all the lipsticks, they are still in my wardrobe.” 

The second series centres around Freddy who has gained celebrity status after claiming to be a hapless bystander to Baba’s murder spree. 

However, as people around her start dying, it soon appears someone already has the femme fatale in their sights. 

As the body count continues to grow the detectives on the case realise a “new dangerous game of lust, obsession and murder” has started. 

Detective Sergent Lola Franks (Myles) and Detective Inspector Jackson Mendy (Ceesay) get assigned to the case. 

Speaking about her character, Hermione added: “I think she is almost colder in series one and in series two she is a little bit lost in the beginning as she has lost the person who makes her feel alive and she is searching for some kind of meaning. 

“I think what [the writer] does so well in the second series is the huntress becomes the hunted and that makes the series so tense.

“In the first series, Freddy is a little out of control and I think that is one of the great things about the series. “

We Hunt Together returns to Alibi on Thursday, May 5.

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