What did Britney Spears' father Jamie say about the pop star?

BRITNEY Spears' father Jamie Spears made shocking claims about the star's mental health in her conservatorship documents in 2008.

Over 13 years ago, Jamie listed the hitmaker's condition as part of the reason he maintains control over his daughter's finances.

What did Britney Spears' father Jamie say about the pop star?

Jamie Spears claimed that daughter Britney has dementia, therefore her conservatorship, which is headed by him, is justified.

Britney's furious fans rubbished her dad’s claim she has a brain condition — saying: “Dementia patients do not go on world tours.”

However, the pop star, 39, has since released four albums, done four ­energy-sapping global tours and performed 248 gigs in Las Vegas.

Fan Hayley Herms said: “There is no way any dementia patient is going on world tours, doing Vegas residencies, is learning 27 back-to-back combo numbers, full choreography. No honey, that is not happening.”

Hayley is fighting for the Free Britney movement which aims to end her father’s controversial control over her finances, business and personal life.

In new BBC documentary The Battle for Britney, documents are shown explaining the purpose of that “conservatorship”, which was put in place in February 2008.

Journalist Mobeen Azhar said Jamie had ticked a box saying it related to “dementia placement or treatment."

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