Where to Watch the 5 Animated Feature Film Nominees For the 2021 Academy Awards

The 2021 Academy Awards are just around the corner, and while the ceremony itself will look a little bit different this year, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, fans everywhere are still excited to celebrate the best movies of the year. One of the categories that is generating a lot of buzz with pop culture lovers is the Animated Feature Film category, where five films are up for the top honor of Best Animated Feature Film of the year. Fortunately, for fans who want to get a head start on the awards ceremony, all five movies are widely available to watch on various streaming platforms. 

‘Onward’ is a film that has captivated viewers’ imaginations

All five contenders for Best Animated Feature Film are winners in one way or another, but Onward is a particular fan-favorite. The film, which was released in February 2021, tells the story of two brothers who set out on a quest to try to find a mythical artifact that could resurrect their long-dead father. Full of emotion, familial drama, and flights of fantasy, Onward is available to watch on Disney+, free for subscribers to the platform. 

‘Over the Moon’ is a hit Netflix title

A computer-animated musical fantasy, Over the Moon was released in October 2020. An Asian-inspired adventure, Over the Moon tells the story of a young girl who builds a rocket to the moon, determined to prove the existence of a magical, mysterious moon goddess. Fans who want to experience the magic for themselves can head over to Netflix, where the film is currently streaming for subscribers. 

‘A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon’ is a fantasy adventure

A British stop-motion animated comedy in the style of the hit franchise Wallace and Gromit, A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon was released in the United Kingdom in 2019, but made its way to Netflix in early 2020. With dry humor and wit, the film relates how Shaun and his flock of sheep friends work to help a sweet alien find her way home. Available for free for all Netflix subscribers, A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon is an audience and critic favorite. 

Where can fans watch the hit movie ‘Soul’?

One of Disney’s latest and most popular animated films, Soul is a movie that has generated considerable buzz. A film that deals with deep themes about life, death, and the afterlife, Soul features a star-studded voice cast including Jamie Foxx. While some critics claimed that the film was a little too in-depth for younger viewers, critics can’t get enough — and it has multiple Academy Award nominations for the 2021 awards ceremony. Viewers can watch the film on the Disney+ streaming platform, free for all subscribers. 

‘Wolfwalkers’ has amassed critical praise

The fifth film to be nominated for Best Animated Feature Film is Wolfwalkers, an Apple TV+ original. The third installment in director Tomm Moore’s “Irish Folklore Trilogy,” Wolfwalkers is a beautiful animated study of a classic Irish myth. The film already has multiple honors to its credit, and if it sweeps the Academy Awards, it will be one of the most critically-acclaimed animated projects in recent years. Fans can catch the flick on Apple TV+ ahead of the 2021 Academy Awards, one of the newer streaming platforms on the market.

All of these brilliant animated movies should give fans plenty to enjoy as they prepare for the big awards ceremony in April. 

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