Who is Buzzy Cohen's wife Elisha Levin?

BUZZY Cohen has stepped into the limelight as guest host of Jeopardy!

The quiz show star has been married since 2011. Here's more about this wife Elisha…

Who is Buzzy Cohen's wife Elisha Levin?

Elisha Levin is a marketing and communications director.

She specialises in facility design, construction management, branding and public relations.

Elisha has also written for HuffPost about her upbringing as a Rabbi's daughter.

She is also the wife of Jeopardy! competitor Buzzy Cohen. who is a music supervisor and director.

Buzzy is the founder of The Teenage Diplomat website, which provides jingles for commercials and has also worked at the TBWAMedia Arts Lab. 

How long have Buzzy Cohen and Elisha Levin been married?

Cohen has been married to Elisha Cohen since 2011.

Her rabbi father officiated their wedding at the time.

Bussy told ARQ that marrying Elisha is the best decision he ever made in his life.

He told Elisha during the interview: "Before marrying you, coming out here to be with you was a big one for me. I was very New York, had a great, well set up life there.

"I’m really happy. Not just our marriage and our kid and our life, but, career-wise, I would be in a totally different place. If I hadn’t met you, so much wouldn’t have happened."

Do Buzzy and Elisha have children?

They have a 3-year-old daughter named Louie Rae Cohen.

She was named by Buzzy's grandfather and influenced by Lucerne, the French name of alfalfa.

Buzzy's children would regularly attend tapings of Jeopardy!

The quiz show pro has spoken of his daughter's relationship with the show's late host Alex Trebek.

Cohen’s recalled his daughter meeting Trebek at a show’s taping: “At that time she wasn't really watching TV, but of course we watched ['Jeopardy!'] every night, so Alex Trebek was the biggest star in the world and he was on her TV every night.

"She ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug, and he was so excited and just wrapped her in his arms."

Adding: "Just knowing that she got to have that connection with him and that's something that we can all share in — hopefully his memory will continue to be a blessing for all of us.”

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