Who is Candice De Medeiros and how is she connected to Derrick Jaxn?

SELF-proclaimed relationship guru Derrick Jaxn allegedly got caught up in a cheating scandal on March 22.

A few women have since come forward detailing their ties to the author and their alleged relationships.

Who is Candice De Medeiros and how is she connected to Derrick Jaxn?

Candice De Medeiros is a social media influencer.

She is of Ghanian, Dominican and Portuguese descent and resides in Florida.

The influencer is known for her motivational quotes on social media and for posting relationship advice as well.

She is reportedly one of the alleged women that involved themselves with Jaxn while he was married to Da'Naia Jackson.

What happened between Candice De Medeiros and Derrick Jaxn?

De Medeiros dished the details of her alleged relationship with Jaxn to blogger Tasha K and claimed that Jaxn planned a Miami getaway with her in July of 2020 and tried to woo her with fancy gifts.

Jaxn also allegedly brought her to his family’s home in Atlanta.

De Medeiros allegedly showed receipts of their adventures and alleged he sent her over $1000 during the short affair.

She claims that Jaxn had convinced her that he was separating from his wife after seeing boxes in his home while visiting.

The influencer said that she grew suspicious of Jaxn when he would only communicate with her through Snapchat, but alleged she ended up getting blocked from his socials.

What did Derrick Jaxn say?

Jaxn reportedly admitted the infidelity in a YouTube video seated next to his wife.

He claimed that him and his wife had unofficially separated in February 2020 and that he and Candice “had a sexual relationship without actually having sex.” 

Jaxn added: “I never slept with her. Our relationship was sexual in nature from day one. I’ve been acquainted with her for nine or ten years or something like that. 

“It was like through Twitter, but I did not sleep with her… I hit her up because we’ve always been able to do that — just keep in contact, just talk, just flirt and keep at that.”

He said he felt the need to share the information with his followers publicly after he had already had the conversation privately with his wife.

“It’s important that I let you know I don’t stand by those actions, ” Derrick said.

“I don’t want to encourage anybody to do that. Secondly, I know I can’t build a platform preaching certain things, preaching against certain things, and then in my real life live contrary to that.”

During the video, he also said that he deserves to be accountable for his actions.

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