Who is LadBaby and is he releasing a Christmas song this year? – The Sun

LADBABY is on course to scoring his THIRD Christmas Number One.

The YouTuber shot to fame in 2018 with a cover of Starship's We Built This City.

Who is LadBaby?

Mark Hoyle, 33, AKA LadBaby is a blogger and YouTuber from Nottingham.

He previously worked as a graphic designer in London before he started to make parenting and budgeting videos.

He's also an entrepreneur and inventor of the toolbox lunchbox.

In 2018 he was crowned Celebrity Dad of the Year beating the likes of Prince William and Liam Payne.

Is LadyBaby releasing a Christmas song this year?

In keeping with Christmas tradition, LadBaby has released a song which he hopes will be his third Christmas Number One.

It looks like he could secure the chart position AGAIN with Don't Stop Me Eating.

As of December 14, 2020 he is the bookies favourite to hit the festive top spot.

Was LadBaby Christmas Number One last year?

LadBaby scored his second Number One in 2019.

He secured the festive top spot with his son I Love Sausage Rolls.

It was take on the iconic song I Love Rock and Roll.

He beat Grammy award-winning Stormzy to win Christmas Number One in 2019.

Does LadBaby have any other songs?

LadBaby has only released three songs – which includes the 2020 tune and the 2019 song, I Love Sausage Rolls.

In 2018 he was announced as the Christmas Number One winner, surpassing Ariana Grande on the charts with his song We Built This City …on Sausage Rolls.

The track was released on Friday, December 14, 2018 in aid of poverty charity The Trussell Trust and then bagged the top spot.

Who is LadBaby's wife Roxanne?

Mark Hoyle has been married to his wife Roxanne since 2015.

She is also a blogger and YouTuber who goes by the name LadBabyMum.

She was previously an amateur UK free diver.

The couple have two sons Phoenix, three, and Kobe, born in 2018.



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