Who is Ollie Ollerton and why was he axed from SAS: Who Dares Wins?

OLLIE Ollerton risked his life when he signed up as a director on Channel 4's for SAS: Who Dares Wins.

So it came as a shock when the The Sun revealed in August 2020 that he had been axed from the show.

Who is Ollie Ollerton?

Ollie is a 49-year-old military veteran.

He is known for appearing on all five series of SAS: Who Dares Wins and formed part of the intimidating team of Directing Staff alongside chief DS Ant Middleton, Jason “Foxy” Fox and Mark “Billy” Billingham.

Ollie joined the Royal Marines at 18 and toured Northern Ireland and Iraq before he joined the Special Boat Service — SBS, the naval equivalent of the SAS.

As of August 2020 Ollie is Down Under filming SAS: Who Dares Wins Australia,

Why was Ollie Ollerton axed from SAS: Who Dares Wins?

On August 2, 2020 The Sun revealed how Ollie and co-star Jay Morton were axed from the Channel 4 show.

Show insiders say the decision could be down to a new diversity drive from Channel 4 bosses who want the ethnic backgrounds of the Directing Staff (DS) to mirror that of the participants, which are far more varied.

A source said: “The show can’t be faulted for showing diversity within its recruits but the DSs are all white men of similar age.

“It’s likely this will be rectified in the new series.”

What has Ollie Ollerton said about being axed from SAS: Who Dares Wins?

Ollie told The Sun: “I’m disappointed and shocked at the same time because we had record viewing figures.

“Five years ago we put our heads above the parapet for the first time ever – threatening our security as former members of the Special Forces – to bring that show to fruition. I expected that loyalty to be reciprocated. It clearly wasn’t.

“I’d rather have left after doing something wrong, as at least I would have understood it.”

Ollie also said the instructors threatened to quit when they discovered himself and Jay Morton were not being kept on.

But he convinced them all to stay and film the next series without him, where they will be joined by a new recruit who is likely to fit new diversity guidelines.





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