Who is Spider from School of Rock and why is he trending?

THE Twitter world was sent into a frenzy after learning Spider from the Jack Black film School Of Rock is now a Texas district attorney.

Lucas Babin, who played Spider in the film, is now the district attorney of Tyler County, Texas.

Who is Spider from School of Rock and why is he trending?

In School Of Rock, Spider is the guitarist on the band No Vacancy who replaced Dewey (Black's character).

Spider and No Vacancy were the winners of the Battle of The Bands contest in the movie after performing their song Heal Me I'm Heartsick.

However, Spider's spotlight moment came when he was seen hitting on the very uptight and strict principal of the Horace Green prep school Rosalie Mullins, whose played by Joan Cusack.

Spider began trending on Twitter after writer Janel Comeau tweeted that the actor who played Spider is Texas district attorney Babin.

"The guy who played Spider in School of Rock is now the district attorney of Tyler County, Texas, and now we’re all just going to have to live with this information forever," Comeau wrote.

Who is Lucas Babin?

Babin, 41, is a former model and actor, who has been a district attorney in Woodville, Texas, since 2018.

The 41-year-old has modeled for high fashion brands, including Gucci, Versace, Versace Jeans, Couture, Calvin Klein, Robert Cavalli, GAP and Louis Vuitton among others.

Babin surprisingly also starred in the Brazilian telenovela, América, where he appeared in nearly 100 episodes.

Babin was also Paris Hilton's love interest in the music video Stars Are Blind.

What are Twitter users saying?

One Twitter user wrote, "He went all ned schneebly," and shared a scene from the movie where Ned told Dewey, "Dewey, I'm not a satanic sex god anymore."

Another person joked, "He's making sure there is NO VACANCY at the Tyler County jail," a nod to the fake band Babin's character played for in the movie.

Even Texas Senator Ted Cruz caught wind of Comeau’s viral tweet, writing, "God bless Texas."

A fourth person chimed in saying, "his arms only leather jacket and hip sway when playing guitar still haunts me," referencing the leather arm jacket Babin's character wore in the Battle of The Bands scene.

Another person referenced Spider's leather arms jacket, tweeting, "Surely everyone who has seen that movie remembers those leather things on his arms."

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