Will there be a series 2 of The Third Day?

JUDE Law's folk-horror miniseries The Third Day both terrified and baffled viewers.

The adventurous series challenged the boundaries of television and fans are wondering if they can expect to see more.

Will there be a series 2 of The Third Day?

The Third Day aired its sixth and final episode on HBO on Monday, October 19.

Viewers are now wondering whether the artistic thriller will be returning for another series.

So far, the answer seems to be no.

The Third Day was always branded as a "miniseries", so it would be unlikely that the show would return to HBO. 

The show also received relatively low ratings in the U.S, so the prospect doesn't look too likely.

What is The Third Day about?

The Third Day was co-created by TV writer Dennis Kelly and Felix Barrett, who are known for their immerse theatre experitise.

The Sky Atlantic drama sees Jude, 47, play Sam, a man who arrives on a mysterious island off the British coast while in the depth of grief.

His stay is disturbed by flashes of a violent past.

The island's inhabitants are after him, and try to capture Sam and tie him up on a number of different occasions as he tries to escape.

It is revealed that Sam's ancestors founded the island, which the residents view as 'the soul of the world'.

The islanders have been plotting for his return for years, even taking his young son and letting him believe he is dead, as well as carrying out human and animal sacrifices to try and keep the island balanced.

What happened in The Third Day series 1?

The first three episodes of the miniseries documented Sam's arrival on the island and his journey to eventually becoming the island's leader.

The second part of the series moved away from the traditional TV series format.

It was broadcast as a twelve-hour live event on the island, in what producers of the show called a "major immersive theatre event".

It was filmed in one continuous take, so followers of The Third Day could "inhabit the story as it happens".

 As the island's new leader, Sam (Jude Law) had to complete "trials" to prove himself – and this was the subject of the live stream.

At one point in the live stream, viewers watched Jude Law dig a hole – his 'grave' for over an hour.

He was also filmed dragging a wooden boat through of muddy fields.

After the live stream, three more episodes were released, following a single mother named Helen who also enters the island.

The series ended with a lot of unanswered questions, but many critics saw it as an appropriate ending to such an artistic series.

Who is in The Third Day cast?

  • Jude Law as Sam
  • Katherine Waterston as Jess
  • John Dagleish as Larry
  • Mark Lewis Jones as Jason
  • Jessie Ross as Epona
  • Richard Bremmer as "The Father"
  • Paddy Considine as Mr. Martin
  • Emily Watson as Mrs. Martin

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