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BRASSIC recently came back on our screens for a much anticipated series 2.

But fans already want to know if a third series is around the corner.

The comedy drama starring Michelle Keegan and Joseph Gilgun deals with crime, gangsters and friendship.

Brassic was inspired by Joseph's upbringing in Chorley.

Will there be a series 3 of Brassic on Sky One?

It's good new for Brassic fans – before series 2 even aired it got the green light for series 3.

Series 1 was so successful for Sky One that a third instalment was confirmed early on.

It was hoped that series 3 would be ready for 2021 as filming is currently scheduled for August, but due to the pandemic there may be delays.

Even if filming can still happen in August, social distancing measures will be problematic for the cast and crew.

Co-creator Danny Brocklehurst to BT.com: "Filming is supposed to be this August, so theoretically it could still happen, but realistically it will encounter some sort of delay.

"Sky keep saying ‘progress as if’ but I think that’s optimistic.

"There’s really no point making predictions.

"It takes about 40 or 50 people to make a TV show, some of whom need to be close together, some of whom might be hugging or kissing, and you can’t really film the show with masks on".

One positive is that all the main cast are expected to return.

What happened at the end of series 2?

Episode 6 ends on a bang as Vinnie tries to put on a wedding for Cardi and Carol.

JJ suggests they steal his cousin's wedding who is due to get married in a few days – the gang agree to this.

The plan is to take the stage, food, drinks, decorations and sound before anyone arrives at the venue.

But of course this doesn't go smoothly as the bride walks in on them.

Cue a comical fight against Vinnie with a sword.

A moment is also shared between Vinnie and Erin as she whispers something to him – but we can't hear what she says.

Brassic series 3 plot – what might happen?

Warning: contains spoilers for series 2

The plot details for series 3 are being kept secret for now as the writers are still working on the script.

One thing writer Danny has disclosed is: "Certain people have come into it a bit more who we thought were good, like Gary the undertaker. We just like having him on screen."

So alongside the cast's heroes, some smaller roles are set to be made bigger.

It's likely that Vinnie's mental health will be explored more.

Plus the Vinnie/Erin/Dylan love triangle is set to be developed given some of the unanswered questions in series 2.

Michelle Keegan told Digital Spy: "my hopes for Erin is that she stays with the gang because I think she finds it really exciting and gives her a purpose in a way."

Reportedly Peter Kay might be joining the cast after approaching Joseph as a massive fan of the show, Heart.co.uk exclusively revealed.

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