WME Partner Tanya Cohen Makes Move To Range Media Partners

Former WME Lit agent and partner Tanya Cohen has transitioned into management as a Partner at Range Media Partners. It has not been confirmed which clients will be following her.

The South African born Cohen grew up in Australia and as an agent has championed female and diverse filmmakers and artists. A star agent, Cohen became a partner in the Lit Department at WME in 2019. Cohen began her career at Paradigm, and also served at Verve Talent and Literary Agency.

“It’s been a privilege to watch Tanya build her business over the years. She has a natural eye for discovering talent and a tremendous reputation for empowering the advancement of artists’ careers in the most creative and thoughtful ways. We’re thrilled to welcome her to Range,” said Range Managing Partner Mick Sullivan.

Deadline reported earlier this week that the Range move was likely in a story about three WME agents, Simon Faber, Solco Schuit and Cohen, leaving the agency. Motion picture lit agents Schuit and Faber are going to partner as producers.

Numerous bright young WME agents have made the pivot to management, including most recently Meredith Wechter who joined Michael Sugar’s Sugar23 as partner.

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