Would like to be in your dreams Jane McDonald surprises My Yorkshire star with admission

Jane McDonald speaks to a piano player

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Jane McDonald took Channel 5 viewers to her childhood holiday destination of Scarborough and reminisced about the memories she made as a child on My Yorkshire. Whilst touring the seaside town and having lunch at the local fish and chip shop, Jane also made her way to the indoor fairground, where she was met with an unexpected piano player who left her blown away.

After getting on a carousel and it bringing back memories of when she was a child, Jane heard a familiar sound coming from the adjoining room.

Turning to the camera after watching couples dance to a man playing the musical instrument, she expressed: “I love this, takes me back to many happy hours.

“Going around the floor like that in the arms of my dad, they hold tea dances here a couple of times a week, and as you can see, the pull of the ballroom is impossible to resist.”

At the centre was a Wurlitzer was Michael Carr, who Jane left lost for words during their chat.

“Aye, that was smashing,” Jane began. “It is lovely to meet you, I like a man who can tinkle away like that!

“So, how long have you been playing?” she asked.

Micahel replied: “Since I was 15, I have never had a music lesson in my life, totally self-taught, and it is a passion.

“You just love it, but now you have to drag me off it, I am just living the dream.”

Jane teased: “I wanna be in your dreams!”

Michael laughed, going red-faced and replied: “I would love to be in your dreams!”

Jane continued: “This is so nostalgic because I used to ballroom dance with my dad, and it was just walking in then just all the memories came back.

“Seeing people dance and hearing this beautiful organ, I mean, there aren’t many of these around now, are there?”

Michael revealed the only other one that was close by was in Blackpool, which left a huge smile on Jane’s face.

“I whizzed round that a few times with him as well, I am so impressed, and you have a big fan now, and that’s me!”

During the episode, Jane visited the town of Scarborough, where she mentioned her mother and father would often bring her and her brother Tony for summer holidays.

Her mother had taught the siblings to always wave at the sea when first arriving at the beach.

As the episode came to an end, she said: “This trip has been all about my childhood memories, and it has been a real joy to do.

“Remembering all the wonderful times I had with my mum and dad and my brother Tony.”

Jane ended the episode with a song by Simon and Garfunkle she said her parents always used to play when on the way to Scarborough.

Jane McDonald: My Yorkshire airs Sunday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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