‘You don’t know!’ Piers Morgan rages as Sharma dodges questions: ‘Viewers aren’t stupid!’

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Mr Sharma was invited onto Good Morning Britain as the Conservative government’s boycott of the ITV show came to an end this week to talk about the latest developments surrounding coronavirus. Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were keen to find out what the exact death toll was from the virus, if the nationwide lockdown would be extended and what financial support is on offer to workers who feel “excluded”.

It wasn’t long before Morgan became irate with Mr Sharma as the politician continued to fail to answer the presenter’s questions.

Morgan demanded to know how many people were tested for coronavirus on Tuesday 17 November but Mr Sharma did not have a simple answer.

“If you don’t know, just tell us you don’t know,” Morgan told him.

“How many people were tested yesterday?”

Mr Sharma failed to give an exact number which left Morgan infuriated: “Let’s move on, the answer is you don’t know.”

“I’ve given you the facts,” Mr Sharma replied, trying to defence himself.

But Morgan snapped: “No you didn’t, you do this a lot, you answer a completely different question.

“The viewers aren’t stupid, they hear me ask you one question and you answer another.”

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